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Unreasonable Bosses

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28

Bub has just learned to wave. No, she does not wave left and right like us ordinary subjects. Why would she? She waves like a Queen (just gently lifting her arms at an angle and rotating her wrists elegantly). I'm not kidding. It is absolutely hilarious.
Especially when she does it to everyone who passes her on our grocery run. Like she's telling them to curtsy.
Ally has been exceptionally obedient. She even volunteers to give me tickly massages all the time. I have been so impressed and absolutely beaming from such special treatment. Not FFS.
However, last night, she accidentally blurted out: "My teacher says Christmas is coming in less than 2 weeks. We better start being really good to get presents!" 
*Wo-kay. So that's where all the sudden massages stem from*
On our grocery shop, I got some dishwashing liquid. And of course, it had to spill everywhere over our food items. FFS
Husband and I spent 5 whole minutes of our lives debating over who left the dishwashing liquid in horizontal postion over all the food. FFS
Husband has been doing a lot of renovation work around the house. He wears his ear plugs but I don't as I'm not right next to the renovation areas. However, I think it is still damaging my hearing.
Yesterday, Husband apparently yelled out 3 times for me to pass him the dummy as he was trying to soothe bub to sleep. I didn't hear anything (I was at the back of the house, unpacking grocery = noisy rustling plastic bags) which made him think I was "deliberately ignoring" him and being "extremely rude". We spent the next 10 minutes of our lives debating over whether I did hear him and rudely ignored him or if I really innocently didn't hear anything at all.
I am sick of my internet stuffing me around. I cannot load my 'Posts' page at all and I cannot see my comments at all. That means I am stuck at the library again every 3rd day, looking through comments and scheduling posts for the next couple of days. FFS
So what was the point of spending $850 on a brand new laptop when my internet is crap?
On Sunday, we made a trip to Bunnings to get some material for our renovation. When we got back, Husband asked me to help him for the very first time.
I got really excited; I changed into some old clothes.
Husband got me to remove some old screws from door frames, knock some new nails in etc. Oh my, I never knew it is actually quite difficult! But I got the hang of it in a while and even Husband said he was impressed with my hammer accuracy :D
Husband started getting into the role a bit too much. He started saying I was his labourer. O...k..a...y...
Then, he said he would pay me $10 per hour as his labourer. Hmm...
Then, he started ordering me to pick up nails, flaked pieces of paint and sweep up really yucky dirt off the ground (this house was built in 1930 so you can imagine, the dirt is no normal dirt).
He even said he would chuck me some money later and speak to me like that: "Oy, get me some KFC, kiddo!"
Every time I accidentally dropped something, he said: "Now, now, now, that's going to come out of your pay!"
At first, it was cute. Then, it got annoying and elicited my death stare.
He was clearly enjoying being The Boss a little too much.
At the end of our renovation session, he realised the role playing has very sadly come to an end and he'd better wisen up lol. He said gently: "Maybe you will find it somewhere in your kind heart to treat me to some KFC with your pay??"
By the way, we did end up treating ourselves to some KFC.
But with his money.
Because he never paid me for my labour, FFS!
Life is too tough with unreasonable bosses like that!
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