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Creating Your Home Office

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28

I’m one of those who can’t work in a cluttered work space. Cluttered space, cluttered mind – that can’t apply more to myself. For those of us mamas working from home, organizing your home office can be difficult. Your work space is usually shared with home space (read: with the rest of the kiddos). The space where you work through the day could be the very same space you are organizing the family bills or even eating dinner at by night! For those of you who have a designated home office, lucky you!

home office

Benefits of a tidy work space

  • Keeping your work space organized and clutter free is definitely beneficial as it helps you keep work related items separate from family stuff. This can definitely come in handy during tax time.
  • Less mess, less stress. Help yourself by reducing distractions and helping yourself keep the focus.
  • Increases efficiency. You know where everything important and work related is.

Things To Consider When Organizing Your Home Office

  1. Try to set aside a specific spot for your home office. If you’re able to allocate an entire room, that’s great. Organizing will definitely be a lot easier. If you can’t allocate an entire room, don’t despair. You can still crave out your own spot amidst shared space. Perhaps a little corner desk or even a corner section of the kitchen table.
  2. Purchase only the necessary organizing materials. Are you a stationery crazed mom like me who eyes her daughters’ cute pens and paper sets? Be careful not to purchase too much that your space becomes messy and overwhelmed. You should definitely get organization stationery such as folders or notebooks to help you create your efficient, organized work space.
  3. Do consider space related challenges. Where will you store important receipts and documents? Where can you file your papers? Where can you store your notebooks in a clear manner so you can see everything without digging through the mess?

If you work from home, you’ll be spending a significant amount of time at your work space. Taking time to plan and organize it is crucial for making your daily transition from work life to home life seamless. You’d want your work space to function really well and efficiently for you. Your main goal will be to keep work related items and space somewhat separate from the family (I know it’s easier said than done!) so you can have a focused working environment.

Surprisingly, studies have shown that sometimes, a little mess can actually be good. It can promote creative thinking and enhance a stimulating environment that might just help you come up with that evasive, new idea! So as always, the point isn’t to get too obsessed or too worried about it. Moderation is best!

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