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Bellababy: Review + Special Discount Codes

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28

If you’ve followed this blog right from the start (which really feels like ages ago now), you’d know that one of the things I was writing a lot about was Bellabox. Bellabox is a beauty subscription box and I really looked forward to receiving my little present of a box every month. It’s a great way try out different products – ones that you have always want to try but forgot about or was unsure about or ones that you never even knew existed! It’s also a great way to see if a product will suit you before you commit to a full sized purchase. Today though, I’m introducing a special version of the box – cue the Bellababy.

bellababy bellabox

Bellababy is essentially a similar sample subscription box but specially put together for pregnant women or mums with kids below 2 years of age. You will find a whole range of baby related items – from food, accessories, baby skincare essentials… and here’s the thing I love most about Bellababy – they don’t forget about mum! I remember one of my friends who was the first I know to have a child back in the day. I asked her advice for a gift for my other friend’s baby and she said “Don’t forget something for the mom. When I had my baby, everyone came with gifts for bub and I had one friend who gave me a shampoo and I felt so happy.” Very good advice, I have to say.

But back to the topic…

Bellababy also features items to pamper mom as well. As I always say, happy mum, happy family, happy kids – right? It’s so important for mums to look after themselves too and pay attention to their own well being, especially with a baby.

Featured Brands You Can Expect

Bellababy partners with brands such as Tommee Tippee, Banana Boat, Model Co, Only Organic, Weleda, Milk and Co and more. I believe there's a good mix of well known brands that us mums know of as well as the more independent brands that we would love to discover. I know I have discovered a few myself where I have gone 'Wished I found them earlier!'

What I Received in My Bellababy Box


Here's what I received in my March Bellababy box.

Only Organic Teething Rusks, La Clinica Organic For Baby, Water Wipes Travel Pack, Baby U Disposable Change Mat, From The Ground Up Skin Co Mud Mask, Weleda white Mallow Nappy Change Cream, Natures Happiness Night and Daytime Formula and Awe Cosmeceuticals Kaanti Lightening Serum

The box also comes with an ingredients card and a product card that details all the products, lists the retail prices for you and tells you where you can purchase them.

Not joking when I say this was a lifesaver. Bub's been teething and the Only Organic Teething Rusks have come in just in time. Baked to create its hard rusk, these teething rusks have no added flavors or sugars. I'm already familiar with this brand at the supermarkets (as I'm sure most other mums are) so it was nice to receive an extra box. 

I was curious to try out the Baby U Disposable Change Mat. I never bought a disposable one before as I always have my padded one that comes with my nappy bag. However, this one is really thin and easy to pack along. 'Thin' is not to be mistaken for a sign of weakness in this case though. This change mat has a soft absorbent layer and is designed with a leak proof liner​. It's also surprisingly big when you lay it out. This would be perfect for travelling, especially where there is a space constraint (on the plane).

​Water Wipes is touted as "the world's purest baby wipes". Quite a big claim. It's chemical free, 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. Their wipes are also allergy friendly, natural and free from chemicals and preservatives. Especially great if you baby has sensitive skin prone to nappy rash.

There are 2 nappy area creams in this box but no complaints there - nappy creams always come in handy. Besides, they are both 50ml tubes that are convenient to stash and take along so one goes in the nappy bag, one can sit in the nursery. La Clinica Organic contains certified organic plant ingredients of chamomile and calendula. It's made in Australia and has a pH balanced formula which is free from nasty chemicals. The Weleda White Mallow Nappy Change Cream is a 100% natural soothing formula made with organic White Mallow extract that provides a gentle, protective layer around baby's skin to soothe and moisturise. Both are good natural​ products. Personally, I have always loved Weleda products and I've enjoyed my first experience with La Clinica Organic.

The Natures Happiness Night & Daytime Formula is meant for toddlers aged 12 months and above so I will be storing that away for a while. It is organic, dairy, gluten and soy free. What's interesting about this formula is that there's a daytime and night time version. The night time version is used to help calm your toddler's mind and support good digestion through the night. It also contains passionflower which calms the nervous system in children who are restless, suffer anxiety and have trouble sleeping. 

Isn't matcha just the rage these days? The From The Ground Up Skin Co. matcha green tea face mud mask is packed with antioxidants, combined with hydrating zeolite and bentonite powders to help soften, hydrate and nourish your skin. An awesome pick-me-up! The Awe Cosmeceuticals Kaanti Lightening Serum is a more high end product, no doubt, and is a super serum that helps to reduce freckles, pigmentation and discoloration,​

Rewards Points System

When you order the Bellabox, you get an account. Log in and leave your product feedback to earn rewards points to spend on products in the Bellabox online store!​

​Is it worth getting the Bellababy Box?

Well, let's work out some numbers.

     Product                      Retail                  In Bellababy Box           Value

Only Organic Teething Rusks

100g / 12 rusks / $3.10

100g / 12 rusks        (Full size)


La Clinica Organic Nappy Wipe Lotion

250ml / $12



Water Wipes Travel Pack

60 pack / $6.99

10 pack 


Baby U Disposable Change Mat

10 pack / $5.49

1 pack


Weleda White Mallow Nappy Change Cream

100g / $19.90



Natures Happiness Night and Daytime Formula

100g / $21.95



From The Ground Up Skin Co Mud Mask

100g / $19.90



Awe Cosmeceuticals Kaanti Lightening Serum

30ml / $65



Total value of products received: $37.34

Cost of Bellababy box: $19.92 (billed yearly) or $24.95 (billed monthly)​

This is obviously just the monetary break down and this is just for this month. I have been with Bellabox for years now and I remember one of the months where we received a make up kit worth around $97.

Click to have a look at past boxes

Bellababy Discount & Offers

If you're interested in trying out Bellababy Box and receiving your very own box monthly, I have some special offers / coupon codes for you.

Get $10 off a 3 Month Subscription For Bellababy Get $5 Off Your First Bellababy Box (Code: MUMBUB) Get $5 Off Your First Month of Bellababy When You Subscribe Monthly

This Bellababy box was sent to me for this review. However, my opinions are always genuine and uninfluenced. I have been a customer of Bellabox for a few years now. *Some links are affiliate links

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