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Trip to Shanghai 2012 August: Part 3

By Beautifulbuns

In line with the upcoming Chinese New Year, I was doing spring cleaning and e-spring cleaning when I unearthed these photos that I’d intended to upload, but totally forgot. I guess it was cos there were way too many photos taken in Shanghai – check out my part 1 and part 2 entries here.

Anyhoos, since travel blog entries are best expressed in photos rather than verbal diarrhoea, I’ll just produce plenty of photo porn


All photos were taken with the Panasonic LX7 and have not been digitally altered (with the exception of some slight cropping).

shanghai pt3
The iconic Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower – both photos taken from same distance, so you can gauge the LX7′s zoom and photo-taking stability.

shanghai pt3 (1)

shanghai pt3 (2)
Me and my touristy shot at the Bund

shanghai pt3 (3)
Turning on the Star Filter – I see stars everywhereeeee

shanghai pt3 (4)
The Bund – taken using the Star Filter

shanghai pt3 (5)
The Bund – taken without the Star Filter

shanghai pt3 (6)

shanghai pt3 (7)
The LX7 isn’t great for taking night shots while walking.

shanghai pt3 (8)
but hey, if you stand still, you can get a pretty decent shot!

shanghai pt3 (9)
A pretty overview of the Bund that’s teeming with tourists

shanghai pt3 (10)
Time to leave the Bund and head over for dinner

shanghai pt3 (11)
One of my favourite shots captured whilst walking to dinner

shanghai pt3 (12)
Clearly, I can’t get enough of the Star Filter – I’m such a dipshit. haha. Anyways this was taken inside the lift to the Whampoa Club – it was so dark in there!

shanghai pt3 (13)
Meal time, and time to stop playing with the bleddy Star Filter. Next up, food photos! The LX7 takes surprisingly good food photos – be prepared to drool.

shanghai pt3 (14)

shanghai pt3 (15)
Chilled Drunken Chicken

shanghai pt3 (17)
Chilled Crystal Pork Jelly

shanghai pt3 (16)
Shanghainese Tea Smoked Eggs with Caviar

shanghai pt3 (18)
Duck with Fresh Mango

shanghai pt3 (19)
Mixed assorted vegetables with salt

Time for the mains… since by now I was clearly stuffing my face, I can’t remember which item is which. heh.

shanghai pt3 (20)

shanghai pt3 (21)

shanghai pt3 (22)

shanghai pt3 (23)
Steamed Garoupa with soya sauce

shanghai pt3 (24)

shanghai pt3 (25)
Baked Lobster with Cheese

shanghai pt3 (26)
A mountain of abalone – it is really all abalone (none of those scenarios where you lift up the top layer and it’s all cucumbers beneath)

shanghai pt3 (27)
Roasted Goose

shanghai pt3 (28)
Pan-fried supreme chicken topped with almond and lime juice

shanghai pt3 (29)

shanghai pt3 (30)
Xiao long bao – steamed Shanghainese dumplings with minced pork. Just check out the gravy oozing out. nom nom nom.

shanghai pt3 (31)

shanghai pt3 (32)
Dessert: an egg tart, milk pudding, tea, and (i can’t remember what the tiny lil things are)

shanghai pt3 (33)

After-dinner entertainment – a very famous traditional Chinese performance called 变脸 “bian lian”, which literally means face-changing. The artist can change his face in just one second – it’s really blink, and you’ll miss it. Read up more about bian lian here.

shanghai pt3 (34)

shanghai pt3 (35)
One of the Panasonic staff – I think he’s majorly cute, in a gangsta Yakuza way.

shanghai pt3 (36)
Another Panasonic staff who is more of a pretty boy style – he may look pint-sized but he can drink like a whale. I’m not kidding.

shanghai pt3 (37)
Cheers to Panasonic! Please make a lot of money so that you can fly us to Japan in 2013!

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