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Travel Thursday Honeymoon Prep

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

We are leaving for our honeymoon in a little more than a week! The countdown is on. Through all of the wedding planning process I was most looking forward to a really amazing trip.

Scott and I sat down and talked about what kind of honeymoon we wanted. The things on our list:

  • Leave within 2 weeks of the wedding (check, but just barely)
  • Head to a country neither of us had been (check)
  • Have a mix of activities and downtown (check)
  • Find somewhere with great food (big check!)
  • Go on a 2 week honeymoon (check)

A few of the ideas that crossed our mind:

  • England, Ireland, Scotland
  • India (more me than Scott)
  • A cruise
  • Thailand

I started doing a little research and found a great deal for a Thailand trip and within a week of finding it we had booked it! We will be gone for 2 weeks with almost 11 of those days spent in Thailand. There is some travel time and a few days in LA in there as well.

We picked up our guide books and got highlighting and planning. We have a few days in key places we wanted to see and now we are the time when we are ready to start putting our backpacks together.

Thailand (1 of 1)

I picked up a few new travel essentials for the trip.

A basic black travel dress from Colombia, great for hot sticky weather and something I can dress up and down.

Women's Armadale™ Dress

A long maxi dress from Athleta for days we are visiting temples and my legs need to be covered, I can use a shall to cover my shoulders. Similar to this one.

Travel Thursday Honeymoon Prep

New Sunglasses (thanks for Firmoo for sending me these, and they are doing an offer right now for a free pair for new customers you just need to pay for shipping!) I ordered these in Green. They came with a great protective case and look great on. So excited to bring these on the trip.

Travel Thursday Honeymoon Prep

My goal is to be completely packed by Sunday! I am traveling for work next week and really don’t want to be stressed before we leave. Planning is key!

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