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Tracking Progress & a Plea for Help

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Tracking progress & a plea for helpIt is mid-March. How on Earth did that happen? That seems to be the standard exclamation from me these days as time is rushing by way too fast. With things speeding by at the speed of light it got me wondering, how am I doing in regards to my March training goals?
Some days I feel I am doing okay, other days I feel I am flopping. But with any plan in life, without metrics to truly look at, how do you know how you are doing?
So let's recap my March goals. I need to get to 101.6 miles a month average for the rest of the year to nail my 2018 mileage goal. I am also striving for 70 new cross training workouts. I am at 13 new workouts and 40 miles this month. OUCH!
If you put it into perspective, in February I ran 69 miles so I do feel I am up'ing my running game from an average of 2.46 miles a day to 2.67 miles a day so far this month. I need to do more but I am also aware of the benefits of a gradual build-up so I am happy. Sorta. At least I am on the right track. In February I did 3 new workouts and I have done 3 new so far this month. Again, I am on the right track. That is good. But I want more.
My biggest hurdle is how and when. Time is flying by in so many areas of my life and it seems I have so little time. My go to plan to get my workouts in was to wake up earlier. Just get up and move. I am struggling big time with that. My alarm goes off but I don't get moving. It takes me at least 30 minutes from alarm ringing to moving to work. If I adjust the alarm to just sleep that extra 30, it still takes 30. That means right now my alarm is set for 3 am most days. Y'all, that is brutally tough! But necessary to get it all in as afternoons are pretty much full of darling daughter's activities, meal prep, and just home maintenance. I need more time. I need something!

Am I looking to do too much? Are my expectations too high?
These are valid questions but I will not give up starting my day with my daily bible reading. That is a must. But how do I do it?
I wish I had some magic answer but to be honest, I don't. I am kinda feeling perplexed and wondering if I am really biting off more than I can chew but when I do succeed in a successful morning workout I am a better me at work and at home. That matters. It helps me keep depression and anxiety at bay. That matters.
I also leave for work at 5:30 am. That matters too. So how can I fit it all in?
You may think I have plenty of time, and maybe I do. Maybe it is like my home budge if I just look at it in black and white it will start making sense. Maybe you can give me some tips.
This is my typical morning:
  • Wake up and feed the pets (a bunny, guinea pig, and bird). If the bunny had a messy night, I need to clean out his potty. 
  • Put away dishes from drying rack while making my coffee - I drink cold brew so I literally just need to put in a mug, add creamer, top with water and microwave but some days I do need to start a new batch. 
  • Change into workout clothes while coffee is heating up.
  • Sit down at the table and do my daily bible reading and right now, during Lent, I am also doing a daily reflection. This takes about 20 minutes.
  • Workout with the goal to run and say the rosary and if I am super lucky, do some cross training too.
  • Shower and get dressed for work.
  • Wake darling daughter up.
  • Pack lunches.
  • Prep coffee to go for on my way down to work.
  • Say goodbye to darling daughter and walk out the door for work.

At first glance I would say you would question the pets and putting away dishes but I do it to help dear hubby. He feeds the two outside bunnies and cleans any dishes left in the sink, which can include my morning coffee mug, etc. He needs to do this before taking darling daughter to school and if he leaves the dishes, it is all left for me when I get home from work. And nothing against him but he doesn't really know where everything goes, will leave dishes out for me to put up, or will put them in the craziest places. Ironically, my mom says my dad used to do the exact same thing. And I do want to help him.
Which brings me back to square 1, I need to get up and moving earlier to fit it all in. Maybe I just need to move my alarm out of reach forcing me to get up and out of bed. Maybe....just maybe....that will work.
Moms, how do you do it?
Tracking progress & a plea for help
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