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Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
For a long time, I've been a devout user of Urban Decay's Primer Potion to keep my eye shadow in place, as well as intensifying the color. If anyone was to ask me to recommend a primer for eye shadow, this is always the one that I would recommend.
However, the original bottles, whilst being quite stylish, were a bit of a pain in the bum. And anyone who owns the UD Primer Potion has probably seen all the videos about cutting the bottle open to get the excess product that you can't reach due to the shape of the bottle. But, it's not entirely practical...or safe!!
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review
As a result, I decided to give the Too Faced Shadow Insurance a try. Well, in actual fact, I decided to buy my mom the product, since she only had a trial-size Primer Potion. I decided to try it because a lot of bloggers and you tubers recommend it as a good alternative to UDPP, even though it never seems to get as much promotion as it's competitor.
That was over a year ago, and she still hasn't finished with her UD one, so I took it upon myself to finally use it.
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review
Packaging: The packaging is a squeezy tube, which is much easier for getting the product out. That is of course a definite plus over the original UD packaging. However, I should just say that I am aware that Urban Decay have since released a similarly packaged Primer Potion.
Product: I'm not sure if the product just needed a good shake, but when I first squeezed it out onto my finger, I found it to be quite watery.
Colour-wise, it is a very similar color to Urban Decay's original primer, which is of course close to skin color.
Application: Instead of dabbing the product on with a wand, you apply this one using your fingers, which isn't too much of a big deal. I did notice, however, that whilst the UD Primer tends to dry quite quickly, this Too Faced Primer seemed "wetter" and took longer to dry.
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review
But my biggest issue came following the drying process, when I discovered the product which was supposed to prevent creasing (as far as I was aware) had actually creased!! I'm not sure if this was because I'd applied too much, but I'd applied the same amount that I would have used of Urban Decay's Primer Potion, so I have to say that this was incredibly disappointing. And, as a result, my eye shadow didn't apply very well.
For a product that is meant to be on par with Urban Decay, I'm unimpressed with the creasing issue. Nevertheless, the color still appeared to be just as vibrant as it's main competitor.
Would I buy this product for myself? No. I think that I'd rather deal with the problematic packaging of Urban Decay's Primer Potion than have the creased eye shadow created by the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. But since Urban Decay have changed their packaging anyway, I'd definitely choose it over this one, even if the Too Faced one hadn't creased.
Price: Too Faced is £16.50 for 10ml, whilst Urban Decay is £13.05 for 11ml.
Which is your favorite eye shadow product? Are you an Urban Decay Stalwart, or a Too Faced lover?

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