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To-Do: Here's the First of Your Holiday Helpin'!

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
To-Do Thursdays:

This has been a power-packed week of events with my birthday, Halloween and a pending holiday. The smiles on my kiddos' faces and a late bedtime verifies that 2012 was a good Halloween, so like any good mom I'll share a few shots from the best of the evening. 

However, it's all about looking forward, so I'm putting my star on a few events this weekend to officially celebrate the next two months of HOLIDAY! Can you believe we are already in the home stretch? 

21 days to THANKSGIVING 53 days to CHRISTMAS 60 days to NEW YEAR'S DAY

Now that I've officially scared you (and me), no need to worry! is going to help you get that gold star for HOLIDAY 2012. Whether you're looking for gifts, recipes or things to do, we'll bring 'em to you. So just stay tuned to here AND do subscribe to 100 Days to Holidays newsletter from Parents. It's always one of my must-dos and it's a great way to get ideas for the holidays that make you look like a Martha Stewart without the jailtime. 

While we have time for holiday planning, we don't have a lot of time for planning this weekend. So here's the scoop for Nov. 1-4:

Follow me onFacebookandInstagram(arredmon) for photos of my look at Napa Valley
Get a leg on shopping with aRundown on Holiday Markets(This weekend is the Junior League of Arlington's Holiday Magic!)
Do something with the leftover Halloween candy with a little help from Steve Noviello!
To-Do: Here's the first of your Holiday Helpin'!

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