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Time to Refresh! 3-Day Refresh and More....

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Time to Refresh! 3-Day Refresh and more....It is time to buckle up and focus on clean eating and getting back on track with my eating plan.
Vacation spoiled me and brought me back into old habits of too many carbs and too many fancy coffee drinks. My jeans are tighter, my stomach more bloated, and I just feel off. I am hoping my struggling running pace may be a factor of all this too.
So today I start 3-Day Refresh with some amazing friends and by golly, accountability partners make all the difference. I love doing challenges with a support team who can cheer you on. Yes, even as a coach my challengers motivate me. It is a two-way street of awesome-sauce.
What this involves is me saying no to coffee and alcohol and yes to more fruits and veggies. I will be eating vegan for three days and the protein shakes contained within the program ensure I will get the protein I need. I have done this before and did not feel starved but did struggle with those daily cravings that try to take hold of me and rule my life but by golly, I am stronger than those cravings.
I want to get back to my normal eating plan and this structured, yet tough, jump start helps decrease or remove those cravings.
For the next few days I will also focus on running just a mile a day to let my body truly refresh in more than one way. I am hoping this will help me get back on track with my running paces and allow my body to focus its energy on renewing itself and recharging its energy restores.
This is not a quick fix and not a restriction diet of any means. I don't like or believe in those things. This is about commitment and involves eating and snacking throughout the day, drinking plenty of water, cutting out sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, and fueling your body right. I want to get rid of the heavy, bloated body feeling and get back to feeling strong and energized in order to train at full capacity for my 11th marathon in October.
And just so you can an idea of what dinners will be like for me and my family, tonight I will prep an amazing vegetable stir fry, tomorrow a cucumber and tomato salad with a veggie broth and fresh herb soup, and Wednesday we will be dining on a spring mix salad with assorted veggies and another cup of the veggie broth and fresh herbs.
My daily snacks will be homemade hummus and veggies and I am looking forward to my daily tea breaks of caffeine-free teas, such as a lovely ginger tea I have in stock.
In case you missed it, my July special is still going on where you can get 3 packs of Vegan Shakeology for $10. Email me if you are interested and I will provide you with payment details. Payment is via Paypal and supplies are limited.
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for safe and effective clean eating challenges.
Daily Bible Verse: Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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