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By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

We could not have asked for a more perfect day, great weather, a beautiful location, good food/wine and the most important thing- being surrounded by our friends and family!

I won’t recap every tiny little detail but I did want to share a few thoughts I learned during the process:

  • Don’t spend a lot on your dress. It will get dirty, someone will spill something on you at some point in time during the evening and you are only wearing it once. My dress was less than $400 dollars and I got a lot of compliments on it!
  • If something goes wrong most people won’t notice. We had one little snafu in the caterer being very very late. People were cool with it and we only ended up eating 25 minutes late. I was annoyed but did let it go once I knew they were en route.
  • Have a Day of Coordinator, a friend, family member or just someone who is there to help things move along. My friend Rachel did this for me and I am so glad she was there. She helped figure out the catering situation and I was instructed to go have a glass of wine and kiss my husband.
  • Pick what is important to you, we wanted good food and wine. We got that and people noticed. I didn’t care about flowers, or ceremony musicians. I don’t think people noticed those things.
  • Get personal. We wanted smaller so we could really sit and talk with our friends and family. Between the Scott and I we made sure everyone was said hello to at some point in time.
  • Hire a really good dj. He played for almost 7 hours and it was after midnight by the time he stopped. The dance floor was full for every since song after the obligatory dances. I think I sat down once all evening and had so much fun. We danced, we laughed, there were happy tears and I will never forget how good it felt.
  • Thank you friends and family for coming. Let them know how much you appreciate their love and support.
  • Let it go and have fun, things will go wrong but you just need to let it go. I didn’t care about the little details all I cared about was people got their drinks and dinner and then were out dancing and having fun.  I know Scott and I had an incredible time and were exhausted on Sunday!
  • There is nothing that I would change about our day, who cares if the caterer was late, that we had a random crazy thunderstorm around 10pm, that we forgot to video the ceremony (thank goodness my friend Ben randomly did!). We had the perfect day for us.

A few pictures found on my camera, I will share some of the professional ones when I get them! This is 5 minutes before the ceremony and Scott and I were giving each other our cards and presents.

I love the emotion on each of our faces as we are reading the cards. They were both incredibly meaningful and you can really see that.

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