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There is a LOT Going on Here...

By Meplusmytrainer @meplusmytrainer
Welcome back ME!
If anyone tunes into this blog for the comedy styling of my personal trainer, you will have to wait another week. I am out of town until next Wednesday!
As my schedule ramps up going into fall, I am finding there there is less and less time to blog. Which makes me sad. But what I decided is that if I can commit to 2 posts per week, I will be able to keep things going until October when my work schedule slows down a little bit.
There is a LOT going on here...
I am in Halifax this week as we are opening a new club here in September. I am not sure if anyone lives in the area that reads this, but if you are message me on my blog and I will send you details!
I have said this before and I will say it again, I am so grateful to work with such fabulous people. When we travel together we work together, exercise together, eat together (you get the point). After a long day of traveling and working yesterday, it would have been easy to just head back to the hotel and crash, but as they say..."When in Rome do as the Romans do" and in my case, my "Romans" were going to the gym. I didn't work out on Monday or Tuesday as I was really busy in Toronto helping to set up another location for presales (the actual club opens in October, oh wait I guess my schedule won't slow down in October-who cares?!!?? I love my job!).
So yesterday I started with a clean slate:
Leg Press 5 sets 12 reps (180 lbs)
Deadlifts 3 sets 12 reps (105 lbs)
Dumb bell row 3 sets 12 reps (25 lbs)
Calf Raises 3 sets 12 reps (150 lbs)
Lat Pull Downs 3 sets 12 reps (70 lbs)
Tabata 4 minutes: side planks
Today I went to BodyPump at the Sackville Women's location. There was a new instructor actually taping her video for submission to become a new instructor and she did a great job. I have done two of those videos myself that you need to submit for assessment in order to become a certified Les Mills instructor. Les Mills and GoodLife have a rigorous assessment process in order to ensure that only the best become instructors. As it should be.
Anyways, I am planning to get to sleep early tonight because we are going for a run tomorrow morning early...
Whenever we decide to do something, I always have to "back it out" to make sure we plan enough time to get everything done. For example, we are going sea kayaking on Sunday afternoon after work and none of the girls brought their bathing suits. So we need to go shopping. But we are going to a concert on Saturday night and we have to work all day on Saturday as well, so in order to have bathing suits for Sunday afternoon, we need to go shopping tomorrow, but in order to be able to go shopping at night we need to workout in the morning, and we have to be at work for 9am, so we moved our workout to the morning. Which means a 6:15am wake up call, which is actually how I like to start my day, so I am happy. Does that makes sense? If no, I apologize and please re-read this paragraph again to see if it makes more sense the second time. For everyone else, please keep reading.
It is one month today until I run my Army Run Half Marathon in Ottawa (September 23rd) so it's about time for me to buckle down and get some serious running in. Can you honestly pick a better backdrop for outdoor running than along the Atlantic ocean? So running. Tomorrow. 6:50am. 5km of hills. Susan (who lives in Halifax) is responsible for planning our route so we don't get lost or anything (we are on a pretty tight time line as you know). Running can be exhilarating, hypnotic, thrilling and seriously fabulous. But at times it can also be dreadful, exhausting and painful. Lately I have been feeling a lot of the latter. However, I know two things for sure:
1. Fitness is better with friends.
2. Fitness is better with great music.
I am covering both basis by surrounding myself with workout buddies and I am currently downloading some new songs on my itouch to give me a little bit extra ooomph.
I also have a serious confession. I had a blizzard yesterday. I also told the people that I was with that it was forbidden to get anything less than a small (Dairy Queen has this new mini sized blizzard which is so freaking come on, if you are going to Dairy Queen, GO TO DAIRY QUEEN). I ate a Skoreo (which is a combination of Skor and Oreo) it is my go-to flavor combo and I highly recommend it. Although, I find that most people my age already have "their" blizzard that they get when they go to Dairy Queen. No judgements. They are all delicious.
I hope everyone is having a great week and getting that one little bit closer to their fitness goals.
I am off to read "It Starts With Food" before bed!
Happy Reading,

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