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It's Going to Be Worth It

By Meplusmytrainer @meplusmytrainer
It's Going to be Worth It Happy November...I mean Movember! I hope this week is treating you well. This is pretty much the last day that you will actually be able to look at most guys without laughing, crying or throwing up...or a combination of all three. Yes, the moustache season is upon us. If you ask me, I think it promotes a great cause and this will not be the first (or last) time I speak about moustaches on this blog. You've been warned!!! Haha!
Now that all of the adorable little munchkins have knocked on your door and are waking up this morning with a sugar hang over, it is time for all of US (yes, you and me) to pack up all of the leftover candy and get rid of it. Get it out of the house. Give it away, we don't need it!! If you are like me, you can not simply have just one. You end up having eleven, so why put yourself in that situation where you are coming home from work, hungry and tired and the first thing you see is a bowl of candy waiting for you? You would have to have willpower made of steel to resist those little bars. So eliminate the temptation!
So when I wrote an article for the GoodLife Fitness blog called How to Kick Your Own A** at the Gym I received and overwhelming response of comments. Many of those comments surrounded number four, which talked about pre and post workout nutrition. As you know, I am not a nutritionist and neither is my trainer. However, between the two of us we do have quite a bit of education and experience within fitness industry. If you workout, hopefully you realize that what you eat and proper nutrition is way more important than any workout that you do at the gym.
So what what should you eat pre and post workout? What a loaded question!  There are so many dependant factors (food allergies/sensitivities, hydrochloric acid levels, current body composition, etc.). However, to keep it simple we came up with a simple pre and post workout mini meal for you to try.  Of course, we want you to know the WHY behind it as well!
Pre-workout = Apples and Almonds.  Apples have natural sweeteners (fructose) which are great for energy.  Also, the fiber content in apples helps the natural sweeteners absorb slowly, thus avoiding the crash that caffeine gives.  Almonds (when raw and/or organic) are great sources of fat and protein that will help with lean muscle growth.
Post-Workout = Protein supplement (possibly) and animal protein/veggies.  Protein powders should be as organic or at least as little processed as possible.  Whey protein from grass-fed cows on a stress-free farm is far superior than most things found on the shelves of supplement stores or grocery stores.  Again, if you can get it at WalMart, don’t put it in your body and expect positive change.  Same deal with animal proteins.  The many beef recalls in recent years should shed light on the fact that your meat shouldn’t have fluorescent “on sale” stickers on it.  Opt for the best quality meats and your body, scale, and mirror will thank you.  Veggies are pretty much veggies.  Wash them, then eat them raw or steam them until they are still crunchy and not soft.
Simple enough, right? Maybe. It's not rocked science, but it can be difficult to have these foods ready to go. That is where a little preparation comes in handy!
It's Going to be Worth ItOn Sunday if you plan to workout 3 times that week, buy three apples and raw organic almonds. Divide the almonds into 1/4 cup servings and place in a ziplock bag or better yet a glass storage container. Keep the apple and little servings of almonds in your car or at work or wherever you will be before you workout. Set a timer to go off 30 minutes before your workout. Eat. At the end of the week, your apples and almonds should be gone. Your post workout nutrition should also be consumed about an hour after your workout, so depending on your schedule you will need to plan accordingly. As I have already mentioned, my trainer and I are not nutritionists, but we do know what works for us! If you are looking for specific advice on nutrition, supplements or a full nutrition plan, I would recommend meeting with a registered and certified nutritionist. They rock!
"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it". -Judy Garland. I love this quote and I had NO idea that it was a Judy Garland quote. Now I love it even more!

What do you guys think? I know a ton of "fitness-y" people read my blog. What are your favorite pre and post workout meals and why? The why is the most important!! Ready? Set! Share!

Happy Eating,
Me+My Trainer

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