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The Yoga Conference - Restorative Yoga

By Nadine
This year I just went to The Yoga Conference for 1 day (Sunday). I took a 6 hour workshop called Learning to Teach Restorative Yoga and Nourish Bone, Blood and Breath taught by Djuna Mascall.
What an amazing experience! I have taken Restorative classes before and have had a personal Restorative practice for a while now. But I really always thought of Restorative as relaxation and it was great to learn about all the nourishing aspects of Restorative and how it works on the fluid body.
I taught my first Restorative class last night and it was great to share these amazing poses with one of my students. I hope that more students try this class out as I think it is a great complement to either a Hatha or Yin Yoga practice.
Now I'm looking at how I incorporate what I've learned into my own Restorative practice. Last night I did a supported Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana) variation and it was amazing! It was great to be in such a fabulous inversion without the effort I usually need to put into it.
The other thing we learnt a little of in the workshop was Somatics. I am really excited to study more on this amazing mind/body integration practice.

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