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The Why

By Heathernichole
I was expecting to wake up with a headache yesterday but I didn't. Usually a headache means your body is ridding itself of all the toxins. I know I have toxins in my body so I'm just waiting for my headache to hit any day now...I'm still getting used to my new hair.
The Why
I wanted to explain WHY I decided to do another round of the Whole 30. I had said that if I ever did one again it would be modified and I'd allow myself some grains and stevia. But when I started thinking about doing it again, I just told myself to go all out. 

I've had a lot of stress at work lately. I don't want to go into details but it's caused a lot of harm to my body. I've noticed physical and emotional changes because of issues that I have no control over. I have never had any issues sleeping through the night but the last few weeks I have been waking up several times and I lie there just thinking about work. I have also spoken with my doctor about my weight gain and the fact that I can't get rid of the unwanted pounds that I've put on since January. She said it all goes back to stress. I truly believe the food that I eat plays a huge role in my health. I want to see if I am able to handle stress better and get a good nights sleep by changing the food that I consume. Of course I want to lose weight. Unfortunately, sometimes I feel as though that has become my life's mission. But I want my main goal for this round of the Whole 30 to increase my overall health. I want the side effects of stress that I've been seeing to disappear.  The WhySo far I don't feel deprived at all. I'm actually enjoying my morning coffee in spite of it having no sweetener. And I'm pretty sure I have discovered my new favorite dish. A baked potato with a little ghee, bacon and avocado is seriously one of the best things I have ever eaten. After dinner last night I wanted something sweet. I made myself a drink - half unsweetened iced tea and half a Spindrift Seltzer made with fresh squeezed watermelons (from Trader Joe's). It was really tasty and it curbed my craving. I know the Whole 30 recommends against giving into sugar cravings by eating something sweet like fruit so I actually didn't even buy any fruit to have around. Maybe next week. I just didn't want to rely on fruit in any way this week.

The Why
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