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The Week After Florida

By Hblack79

Good Morning!


I’m popping in for a quick minute to say HELLO!  It’s been something like forever since we last talked.  I’ve decided that the week after a trip to Florida does not bode well for the blog.   I was able to get one post published, but that’s okay, we just move onward and upward from here!  Nick and I had a fantastic time in Florida.  We never want to leave until the very last minute.  Sure enough, that’s what we did – didn’t get home until about 2 a.m. Monday morning and I had to be at work at 7:30 a.m.  I had Girls on the Run to jump back in to on Monday afternoon and then I met up with Mary Lindsey for our 14 Day Reset.  Tuesday I worked all day and then spent the evening just catching up on rest.  Wednesday I went in and got spacers put in my teeth, plus I was struggling from the worst headache ever since I had gone 2-3 days without coffee at this point, and I woke up with a swolen lymph node, so I was feeling sick.  Wednesday was a rough day.  I was devoted to this challenge though, so I mustered the energy to cook dinner and then I lied in bed watching the office while I tried to eat with my new spacers in.  These things can be pretty miserable.  Thursday flew by right into Friday and then I was up in Starkville for the weekend.  I also got the flashdrive from my cousin last week so I’m excited to share some more from our Jamaica trip – specifically Dunn’s River Falls!

I had a wonderful weekend in Starkville, it was relaxing, we went and saw the Cinderella movie, which was phenomenal.  The cast was perfect for the movie, I think!  We spent time with some good friends Saturday evening, playing Cards against Humanity and experienced a new bar that’s fairly hidden.  It was really neat!  Now I’m back to the grind today – hopefully I’ll be back a lot sooner this time to catch y’all up on some other things going on, but this is a good run down for the moment.  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, drop me a line in the comments telling me what you did!  Happy Monday everyone!

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