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The Ultimate Ramen Champion Singapore

By Beautifulbuns

Now I’ve always been more of a noodle than rice person -  I guess I like it longer hurhurhur. But that aside, I really do enjoy noodles, be it Japanese ramen, Korean ramyeon or Chinese lamian.

I attended this food event a couple of weeks back at Bugis+ (the former Iluma). The Ultimate Ramen Champion Singapore is about who will sell the most number of ramen bowls from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014. There are a total of 9 contenders (3 at Changi Airport Terminal 3, and the remaining 6 at Bugis+ Ramen Champion outlet).  Last year’s champion was Ikkousha with 118,500 bowls.

Ramen Champion
The 6 contenders who will be at Bugis+

Ramen Champion (7)
Some of le-chefs – kinda cute, yes yes?

Ramen Champion (4)
Menban Yamagishi Kazuo – Special Ramen – $14.50

Ramen Champion (3)
Muso – Special Cha Cha Ramen – $15.00

Ramen Champion (2)
Buta God – Nikumashi Ramen – $15.00

Ramen Champion (5)
Gantetsu – King Chashu Ramen – $15.00

Ramen Champion (6)
Ikkousha – Special Ramen – $16.50

Bario_Ajitama Ramen
Bario Ajitama Ramen – $14.50

I had to use this provided shot cos this nearly didn’t arrive – the manager in charge (I assume?) was kinda angsty and demanded that his staff serve some other tables first. Not sure what really was his problem , along with the Chinese PR girl at the front reception. She looked so pretty and sweet, but boy, are looks deceiving. She was totally unwelcoming, as though I was a loanshark runner knocking on the wrong door. She didn’t even wanna give me the press kit (after whisper-conferencing not-so-subtly to her colleague  that “there are not enough press kits”). Really? Like, really?

Anyhoos, angst-rant over. Back to le food topic at hand. nom. Can’t decide what to eat? Maybe you can do what I do – go the frivolous way and pick based on how the chef looks muahahaha.

Ramen Champion chefs 1

Ramen Champion chefs 2

Ramen Champion chefs 3
See, I painstakingly arranged them into a nice collage, and even categorised them based on their poses. lol.

Winners will be decided via sales takings and votes via Facebook and onsite voting.

What’s more, these fellas won’t be the only winners – from now till 31 August 2014, you could win for yourself an Asus Fonepad!

  • How you can win the Asus Fonepad:
  • Like both the ASUS and Ramen Champion Singapore’s Facebook pages.
  • Snap creative / fun / awesome photos of any of the above 9 ramen, their stores, the interior (you can even pose with it!)
  • Upload the photos onto Ramen Champion’s Facebook page.
  • Cross your fingers and hope that your creative juices overwhelmed the judges .

It’s time to eat away!  nom nom nom.

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