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The Sled Pull

By Meplusmytrainer @meplusmytrainer
Sled Pulls. Awesome.

The Sled Pull

Some guy (not me) doing sled pulls. So you know what I am talking about!

The exit that I get off the highway on to go to the gym was closed this morning so I had to go further down the road and then double back which made me about 10 minutes late. Bahhh!!! I was crusty be the time I got to the gym, however I quickly forgot about my irritating drive as my trainer had shaken things up for my workout. We did sled pulls. Awesome. So fun...and tough!
Since I was late and Kyle had a conference call he needed to jump on, we had to cut my session a few minutes short. I finished up my workout on my own with 4 minutes of Tabata sprints and 4 minutes of Tabata planks. I will give you one reason why Tabata rocks. It takes most people about 10 minutes to burn 100 calories frolicking on an elliptical. In 4 minutes of Tabata I burned 107 calories. Which seems like a better use of time? Don't get me wrong, it's not the most fun 4 minutes, but it's quick, dirty and then it's done. Check out It's Tabaturday for the full scoop on Tabata.
Here is what my whole workout looked like:
Warm Up
Shoulder Stabilization Work
dumbbell rows 20#/12 reps -2 sets
shoulder rotation 7#/12 reps -2 sets
4 Rounds
Sled Pulls 1 minute work/1 minute rest (YAY-so fun I barely noticed I was working hard!)
Rope Pulls 1 minute work/1 minute rest
Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls 12 reps
Tabata Sprints 4 minutes/9.2mph 20 seconds/10 seconds
Tabata PlankADay 4 minutes 20 seconds/10 seconds
I wanted to share a piece of advice that I got yesterday from the group fitness instructor that taught the class I went to last night. If you are a member of the "after work crew" at the gym you know (or may not know) that it's a more serious bunch of gym goers. The "after work crew" are usually finishing up a long day at the office, trying to squeeze in a workout before heading home, or elsewhere. These people are not usually in the mood for jokes, they are there to get their workout done and get out. There were about 35 members of the "after work crew" in the class last night at 5:30pm and at one point the instructor said:
"If you have something to be grateful for today, let your face show it".
Also known as a smile.
This is not just great advice for the cranky "after work crew" but for everyone. Speaking of smiles, I have something that will make you smile (how about that for a transition?). Today is the last day for your chance to win an adorable/awesome tank of your choice from Ruffles with Love . This is the tank that is enroute to yours truly...
The Sled Pull

...AND they have tons MORE to choose from! Check out the whole collection HERE and enter to win one! All the details are HERE as well as how you can enter!
The Sled Pull

Last, but probably most importantly, I am back on track with my food journal. I am not fancy. I don't have a fancy app on my phone. I believe when it is written down, it's real. Which means physically writing it down. I need that to help hold myself accountable. I know everyone is different, but this is what works for me. I started yesterday (again). I also had onion rings yesterday. I thought about not starting until today, but that would be cheating. The good news is, I drank a ton of water yesterday and that called for a celebration...and by "celebration" I mean using a yellow high lighter! My goal is to keep this food journal going until the end of October. So here is my food journal from yesterday:
The Sled Pull
  Happy Reading,Me+ P.S. Don't forget to join my blog on Google Friend Connect. It takes a few seconds and it will also get you entered to win a Ruffles with Love's win-win people! xo

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