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The Random Musings of An Insomniac

By Paullanning @paullanning

Last night was one of THOSE nights. A splitting pain in the right side of my head…Excedrin did nothing for it. A few hours later, more Excedrin. I know, I know…caffeine in the Excedrin didn’t help the sleep issue. But the pain was serious, and Excedrin doesn’t usually keep me awake.

Excedrin Migraine

Yeah…these didn’t help.

As the splitting pain gradually subsided, the pressure built behind my forehead. An all-time sinus headache. Excedrin doesn’t cure that, but by the time I realized it was sinuses, I had already popped four Excedrin Migraine tablets. There would be no more medication tonight.

I was awake all night. And my brain was in high gear. It went something like this:

Win or lose, that was a fun Super Bowl. But so frustrating.


Beyonce killed it at halftime. SO much better than that Madonna and friends show last year.

Jim Harbaugh

“It was a hold!!!”

I wonder if Jim Harbaugh is asleep right now.

I wonder if he takes Excedrin Migraine.

I wonder what Alex Smith is feeling right now.

My dog is restless tonight too. I wonder if he senses how restless I am, like I do him?

Is it morning yet?

I wonder time it is. I refuse to look at my phone or the clock or anything digital. It only keeps you up longer.

I’ve gotten a lot of work done in my head tonight.  I probably should write some of this down so I don’t forget it by morning.

I’m not turning on a light and writing stuff down. Then I’ll be awake all night.

Who am I kidding? I’m already awake all night.

I have some lists to make.

I wonder if she really knows. Knows how I feel. What I think. Does she know?

Is it sunrise yet?


I wonder how many songs have sun in the title.

“Here Comes The Sun”…”Miss Sun”…”Walking on Sunshine”…”Soak up The Sun”…that old Jonathan Edwards tune “Sunshine”…

“Miss Sun”…Steely Dan. Or was it Boz Scaggs? No, definitely Steely Dan. I always used to mix up those two. Even though they’re totally different. Same time period, and I was just a kid then.

I can’t believe “Walking on Sunshine” was so damn popular…probably sold more copies than “Here Comes The Sun.”

Katrina & The Waves outselling the Beatles? Wow the ‘80s were strange.

Now the dog is snoring. I guess I’m the only one awake now.

My daughter leaves for college in six months. Wow.

Spring training starts soon. Eight days. Well, now it’s seven, since it’s Monday now. I’m guessing 4 a.m. But I’m not looking.

I can’t wait to see England and Scotland.

Hawaii sunset

I bet I could sleep here. Just gimme a hammock and a couple mai tais.

Hawaii sounds good right now.

Does she get it? 

Feels like I’ve been laying here for eight hours.

Feels like I haven’t slept in 80 hours.

OK now I’m getting sleepy…hallelujah!

Is there a happily ever after?

Are you kidding me?!? NOW the dog wants out.

I give up.

It’s gonna be a Starbucks AND Rock Star morning.


Ohh look, the sun is coming up.

Well THIS should be a productive Monday!

Good times.

Yep…that was my night. So what finally cured the headache? A nice hot shower in the morning. And I’m guessing I’ll sleep tonight…(knock on wood).

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