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Under Reconstruction

By Paullanning @paullanning

After sitting dormant for nearly a decade, I figure it’s time to start over – so I’ve hidden most of my old posts for the time being while I re-evaluate this forum and format. Years ago when I was writing somewhat regularly on here (long before things like Substack existed), I was wandering between thoughts on current-day baseball, football, music and movies; some social/political commentary (amazing how little has been accomplished on those issues in the years since!); personal memories spurred by news of the day; and my lifelong interest in family history.

I’m looking forward to relaunching soon with a much more focused intent, likely on my family history-related research and stories and travels. So, odds are some of those old posts will re-appear, but maybe get completely revamped in the process (after all, perspectives and experiences change over a decade). I’ve spent the past couple of years attempting to write a book on the subject, which all started with a couple of the family history posts I had here back in 2012 or ’13, so maybe this will be a forum to get some feedback on partial chapter drafts.

Anyway, if there’s anyone out these still following this blog after so many years of inactivity, stay tuned!

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