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  • Tilting the Tee for Better Hitting Drills

    Tilting Better Hitting Drills

    I’m a gigantic fan of tee work. So are a huge majority of major league hitters so I think I’m in good company. It’s tough to improve upon something that has... Read more

    The 15 March 2018 by   Meachrm
  • Is There a Wrong Way to Make a Player Better?

    There Wrong Make Player Better?

    Let’s say a batter is only hitting weak ground balls and comes to you for lessons with the two goals of 1) hitting with more authority and, 2) driving the ball... Read more

    The 11 January 2018 by   Meachrm
  • Ken Burns’s Baseball: The Sixth Inning

    Burns’s Baseball: Sixth Inning

    The Sixth Inning of Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns explores the national pastime during the 1940s, which was quite the tumultuous decade in American history. Read more

    The 20 November 2017 by   Precious Sanders
  • Ken Burns’s Baseball: The Third Inning

    Burns’s Baseball: Third Inning

    The Third Inning of Baseball: A Film By Ken Burns explores the game during the 1910s.  This disc opens with a discussion of fan involvement, and how the setup o... Read more

    The 22 October 2017 by   Precious Sanders
  • "Spirit of '67"

    "Spirit '67"

    50 years ago yesterday, the Boston Red Sox did something that none of their fans in their wildest dreams thought they could pull off before the season started i... Read more

    The 03 October 2017 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Stealing on First-move (Part 3)

    Stealing First-move (Part

    There’s a lot going on with this simple steal attempt of second baseThis is the final post in a three part series on stealing first-move on a left-handed... Read more

    The 22 September 2017 by   Meachrm
  • Tips on Diving Back to First Base

    Tips Diving Back First Base

    The photo to the right shows a runner properly diving back to first base on either a pick-off by the pitcher or an after-the-pitch pickoff attempt by the... Read more

    The 03 August 2017 by   Meachrm
  • Follow The Unofficial Captain's Lead

    Follow Unofficial Captain's Lead

    I haven't talked much about the Red Sox since the 2017 season started, so here we go.Last weekend, we all saw video of that unfortunate slide Manny Machado... Read more

    The 28 April 2017 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Simulated Indoor Game

    Simulated Indoor Game

    Where I am in Pennsylvania, snow blankets the ground and the temperatures are still in the 30-40 degree range. Not great baseball weather to say the least. Read more

    The 20 March 2017 by   Meachrm
  • You Are Your Best Coach

    Your Best Coach

    When a player of mine made a mistake on the field, I frequently would ask the following question when he came off the field. “Do you know what you did wrong? Read more

    The 08 February 2017 by   Meachrm