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The Problem with Communicating Effectively

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

For Edition 11 of Best of the Best over on SOS Blog the topic is family life. It’s to share about a funny or loving story about family life. because after all, our kids with special needs bring us so much joy, happiness, and love. This is my dream topic because I feel like this is pretty much what I write about except the times when I’m going through hard times but our funny and happy moments are my favorite things to share. Adrian is absolutely full of personality and love, contrary to what a lot of people think of when they think of autism. To see the entire group of Best of the Best bloggers share about their family life check out SOS Best of the Best Edition 11 which will be published on October 15th.

I long dreamed of Adrian communicating to us in a meaningful way. Slowly as his personality has started to emerge through more effective communication I have noticed a disturbing trend.

He thinks if he communicates it well then he will get what he wants!

Much like the time he came home asking to go to Universal Studios Orlando via a wonderfully written letter, today he came home with a letter.

He drew a pumpkin today with oil crayons at school. I thought he was showing me the pumpkin but no, he turned the picture around and on the back was a note.

The envelope he put it in when he got home:

The Problem with Communicating Effectively

The Pumpkin:

The Problem with Communicating Effectively

The note:

The Problem with Communicating Effectively

Translation of the note is basically that he wants me to take him to the store and buy him an Iron-man Halloween costume.

This communication is more then I could have dreamed for him a couple years ago. What an absolute blessing to be able to celebrate these accomplishments as a family. Perhaps a trip to Target for an Iron-man costume is in our near future?!

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