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The Passed Few Weeks, Instagrammed

By Crushland @crushland
photo 4

At last month’s Kirstenbosch Arts & Craft market. I decided to make cupcakes instead of selling my paintings, and I really regret selling the ones last year. I think I’m too sentimental to part with such personal things. So it will be cakes from now on.

photo 3

There were chocolate, red velvets, vanilla and gingerbread cupcakes, and also a great big chocolate cake dusted with gold.

photo 5

…and washi tape to make it pretty. My next stall will be 15 December, so pop around if you’re in Cape Town.

photo 3(2)

I’m an aunty again! Meet my sister’s kitten Hercules.

photo 3(3)

Work (at work), and work (at home). Or maybe I was just in the way while my dad and husband were doing the actual work?

photo 4(4)

Healthy lunch on Tuesday (vegetarian burger on gluten free bread, and a flower salad) and a crunchy lunch on Wednesday (perfect crisp and crunchy Zinger wings). Balance, I’m doing it right.

photo 2

Dinners: Mexican chilli con carne, and the best mac and cheese with hidden veggies and crunchy, cheesy topping.

photo 2(1)

I made a Surfer/Mermaid Barbie cake last week and the nostalgia I experienced when I opened the Barbie box was overwhelming! I loved my Barbies and had a huge collection as a child.

photo 3(4)

I gave her a tail (with scales and hand painted) and a surfboard made of icing. Here is the birthday girl on the right, her mom sent me the pic as I just love seeing their faces when they see their cakes


photo 5(4)

A little DIY. I bought this old brass chandelier off Gumtree and after many months finally did something with it. Disassembled, cleaned and sprayed, it’s all shiny and new. Now I just need to find the crystals…

photo 5(1)

I am in love with this breadmaker! All I did was put in a few ingredients (milk, water, flour, yeast, olive oil or butter) and after three hours of mixing, kneading and baking your fresh loaf is ready. There are so many recipes to choose from, and I love that you can select the texture of your crust. My new favorite thing


photo 4(3)

I was lucky enough to be featured on The Chocolate Standard, a brand new blog for all you chocoholics.Go have a look!

photo 2(3)

My dear Mommy, whose birthday coincided with the 2nd anniversary of my brothers accident (according to the Islamic calender). She didn’t want to celebrate, but we gathered around over a simple chocolate cake and memories instead.

photo 1(2)

My boys.

photo 1(4)

Magnum Death by Chocolate, still my favorite. More chocolate goodness for my cousin’s fundraiser.


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