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The Must Shop, Must Share and Must Watch This May

By Dana Mae Lopez @modgrab

The Must Shop, Must Share, Must Watch this May

Hey Peeps! It’s time for the very very very late post for the Must Shop, Must Share and Must Watch this May.

Must Shop:

le bunny bleu ph

Le Bunny Bleu in Shangri La Plaza will close its door this May 31 but as a parting gift they are selling all of their collection at a half price (or more) for their loyal bunny customers.

ALL SHOES for only P699, P999 and P 1,200. That’s a really great deal!


and they have a special promo that if you purchased three shoes from their collection, you’ll get the 4th pair for FREE.
You all hear me? FREEE……….

le bunny bleu ph

So what are you waiting for? Head on to Le Bunny Bleu! Promo last till May 31, 9:00 pm.

Must Share:

More like a Must Read…

I seriously  need an inspiration and some self help books to gain my confidence back and to enhance my social skills (ahem).

I have no idea that I am an introvert. I often spend my time on the computer, reading, streaming or just a homebody who loves to chill instead of going outside and meet my friends for coffee. I mean there is nothing wrong with being an introvert and I’m really happy to just chill and I have many friends (I’m friendly…..!) that I could hang out with. I guess the only problem with me is that I am too safe in my comfort zone that I forgot to be open again and engage with new people.

Two months from now I’ll be living abroad to study and made me ask myself if there is something I wanted to change.

So I found three books that are in my  must reads and trying my best to adapt all the lessons to life and to overcome my fear.  I just have to listen to that voice again and to be able to dream and aspire to climb higher

How to Talk to Anyone


This book has 92 different tips for social interactions and building relationships to people. Each tip is about a page or two long that is simple to understand and makes you to apply all into action.

A useful collection that is perfect for people who wanted to have good first impressions and on how to attract people without verbal communication. The book gives you real life examples to support the points so it was quite helpful to understand.

Developing the Leader Within You


So this book is something I don’t normally read but will give it a try since it’s done by John Maxwell. It’s all about how to become a leader and what principles and practices does a true leader do. We all have the qualities of leading something but the only problem is on how to unleash that and to be a true leader yourself.


besties must read 2016

So this is not your typical celebrity book that discusses about being rich and famous icons in the industry. (nope..)
The content is perfect for girls in this generation to read.  It’s basically about the life of famous models in the Philippine Industry sharing their life experience and thoughts about almost everything: about being a celebrity, how to be confident and vocal on what you want, talks about love, friendship, money, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness etc.

I admired how confident they are explaining their thoughts on almost everything and mostly about life. It’s not always the glamour and everyone has imperfections, even them. They want you to value your self without thinking ways on how to look perfect because not everyone are bless to perfect. It’s always about embracing your worth and enjoy life.

Must Watched:

Salut d Amour

salut d'amour korean

I don’t know why they called this movie “Salut d Amour” but I think they named this after the soundtrack or the couples favorite song.

The story is about Sung-chil, a grumpy 70-year-old man who lives alone and works part-time at the local supermarket. Jang-soo,  (the owner of the supermarket and president of the city’s redevelopment project) has been trying in vain to get Sung-chil’s signature (he’s the last hold-out and the only reason for the project’s delay), but Sung-chil stubbornly refuses any change to of his hometown and old lifestyle. Then he meets his new neighbor Geum-nim, a feisty yet friendly elderly lady who runs the flower shop next door. Despite his age, Sung-chil is inexperienced and clumsy at romance so the entire town cheers him on and helps him court her.

My favorite movie of all time!! It’s very rare having a story like that in korean dramaworld. We’re all into teen romance, love triangle and revenge plots but never heard of an old romance like this.  Every scene is so fluffy and romantic and the ending is perfectly brilliant.

Lucky Romance


I made a short hiatus from watching korean dramas since I haven’t found any drama plot that is totally addicting and suits my taste but finally here it is!

The story starts out with the heroine who is obsessed with fortune telling that she arranged her whole life around it, letting it dictate where she lives, what she does, and how she sees everything. One day, she hears from a fortune teller that if she does not sleep with a male virgin born in 1986, the year of the tiger, she will die. Afterwards, she seeks out someone that matches those criterias then meets Soo-Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) who happens to owned her studio building and tried to kick her out. Bo-Nui then learns that the fortuneteller is talking about Soo-Ho that she needs to sleep with.

This drama is perfect for fans of Reply 1988 and especially if you’re Team Junghwan… woot It’s time guys.

The Must Shop, Must Share and Must Watch this May

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