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The Most Important Word For Fat Loss

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
It's been a while since I wrote on my blog, but have been pretty busy moving into London, sorting all of that out and have been busy with clients. For this post I wanted to talk about something simple, yet very effective - a single word.
The Most Important Word For Fat Loss
What do you think this word is? calories? BMI? workout? exercise? carbs? nope - it's 'consistency'. There are many factors that come into fat burning, but being consistent is THE most important thing in my eyes. You could eat some of the healthiest food, you could perform some of the best exercises, but if you don't do it regularly and stick to it, you're not going to see the results.
It's like many things, once you get into the routine, it will become a consistent feature in your life. Take driving a car for example - when you first start you have to think about so many things (indicating, when to brake, changing gears etc) but after you have been driving for a while, all those things become second nature. It's the same with fitness and nutrition. After a while of working out, cooking healthy meals, it becomes second nature and you just end up 'doing it', rather than thinking about it and mentally making the effort.
If you are serious about getting in shape - burning fat, building muscle, then you need to be consistent! Making time to work out regularly, preparing healthy meals, being organised with your diet, supplements and training, is the key to success. If you lack consistency, then you won't achieve the results that you want.
Train hard, be smart, be consistent!
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