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The Most Effective Self Lymphatic Drainage Massage For Sinus Congestion

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally
The Most Effective Self Lymphatic Drainage Massage For Sinus Congestion

Sinus Congestion headaches are horrible! If you are feeling extremely congested, and don't want or can't take medications, this is a fantastic lymphatic drainage massage especially if you are suffering from:

Massage Yourself: Sinus Congestion and Drainage Relief

In her article Drain Your Head and Breath Heather explains the benefits of this massage in full, and most importantly the list of contraindications.

Here is an excerpt from Heather's article:

Contraindications for Lymphatic Drainage Massage

While it doesn't feel invasive or deep, LDM can have a profound effect on the body because of its function within the immune system and its use of the circulatory system. If you have any of these conditions or problems, consult your physician before performing this on yourself:

  1. Fever, acute infection, early onset inflammatory disease. You need to wait until the acute phase is over and the fever is broken.
  2. Circulatory system problems, especially thrombosis. If there is any risk of embolism of phlebitis, do not use LDM and see your physician immediately
  3. Cardiac issues such as heart disease, acute angina pectoris or coronary thrombosis (heart attack). Using LDM increases the fluid load on the heart, and compromised cardiac systems should not be subjected to LDM.
  4. Active bleeding, internal or external.
  5. Active malignant cancers, undiagnosed lumps, or tumors whose origins have not been determined by your physician.
  6. High-risk pregnancy or late-term pregnancy with complications.

It may take several sessions to get rid of the congestion (fluid moving). Good indications that the fluid is moving are: needing to swallow drainage, ears draining change in pressure in the head, tickle in the throat, ears popping, and/or sound changes.

This method absolutely works- I have used it and recommended it for years for sinus congestion, sinus headaches and even when someone in my family comes down with a cold. Ever since I found heather's video it's been a staple in my household. According to the author, this method helps about 75% of her patients.
It is a must-try for sinus infection sufferers when dealing with colds or any type of congestion.

You may also go into a steam bath or you can DIY at home. Before you take a shower, run the hot water, then add a few drops of ecucalyptus, peppermint or tea tree oil to the floor ( this kit has thema all). Then get in and inhale the steam. Alternatively, you can use an essential oils diffuser overnight or in a room you will be spending time.
You may also try this natural remedy to help you get rid of colds of the flu effectively and fast.
Remember to bundle up and rest, rest rest. The key here is to boost immunity.

Your turn. Have you tried this before? I'd love to hear your go-to methods to get rid of congestion naturally.

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