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33 Insulin Resistance: The New Silent Killer + What to Do If Diabetes Runs in Your Family- from a Scientists’ Research

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally
33 Insulin Resistance: The New Silent Killer + What to Do If Diabetes Runs in Your Family- from a Scientists’ Research

Tune into today's #HYNwellnesspodcast #32 and learn everything related to Insulin resistance, metabolism, how hormones affect all systems in the body. If Diabetes runs in your family- you do not want to miss this episode. This is my case and I learned soo much from it, and I think you will too. This science-based information coming to your straight from Dr. Bikmans lab - Enjoy the show!

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~ Someone's progressing towards type 2 diabetes unfortunately just like you just explained we look at type 2 diabetes is a glucose problem and so every year the person is coming in we're looking at their glucose can we see the okay you're gaining weight blood pressure's going up maybe you have fertility problems or whatever but your glucose is normal and so you're fine and then years later they start to see the glucose climb in the next day or wait a minute now you're pre-diabetic oh wait a minute now you're diabetic unfortunately if we had been looking at the insulin throughout this entire timeline we would have detected that while the glucose was staying normal for years maybe decades has been going up its two times hires X fires four times higher and then it only wants to body becomes so resistant. One of insulin's main effects is to lower blood glucose now it can't keep the glucose and check for the body is swimming in a sea of insulin...

~ Insulin resistance is increasing the risk of virtually every chronic disease... From Alzheimer's to dementia, infertility to heart disease, NAFLD, and more chronic diseases,

Dr. Ben Bikman PhD

How terrible the dietary advice has been for so long. We have known since the 1980s that if you take people with type 2 diabetes-like your father and we say you need to eat a diet that is adhering to the American Diabetes Association which is a low-fat, high-carbohydrate, high in whole grains, a little bit of sugar- we've known since 1987 scientist to the clinical study on type 2 diabetics and found that when they put them perfectly to the letter of a diet to the Ada diet they got worse...

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Turmeric is nature's most potent anti-inflammatory make your own Ancient Golden Paste or try organifi Gold here
Omega 3s (chia, hemp seeds ) Salmon
Omega Krill ( Try it here)
Dr. Bikman's Shake Complete Meal Replacement
You can also use my favorite supplement Metabogreens
Grass-fed Whey Protein ( Get 20% off with coupon code HEALYOU20)

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