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The Media and Weight Loss...

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
This is a topic that actually angers me very much. I really do hate it when I see magazines, newspapers, gossip websites etc, start 'laying' into a celebrity because she put on a couple of pounds or something. They really seem to have no idea how much that impacts the average reader....
Magazines, newspapers and gossip websites are so popular these days, the public just can't get enough of celebrities. Magazines know that if a female celebrity has put on a few pounds, that will sell more than most other topics, so they print it, and even exaggerate it! The knock on effect of this, is the women that these publications 'slate', are women that the public look up to. So, if for example, Mila Kunis put on a whole 4 pounds and start using words such as 'Mila has got fat!', women who idolise her will think 'Oh my god! shes fat? what the hell am I then?', so they starve their self and become jet thin.... That is the extreme response but it does happen!
It seems to be, unless your skinny (not too skinny that you can see bone), no real excess fat, not a lot of muscle, no cellulite, no stretch marks, then the media will slate a woman for either being too fat, curvy, boney etc etc etc. That's just a load of garbage! What makes this EVEN worse, is I have actually found in the past that some writers of these pathetic articles are overweight themselves! That's like the Prime Minister going on TV saying 'Everyone should quit smoking', and then straight after the speech, lighting a fag. But These media companies don't care, because they just care about money, how much they can earn from writing stupid articles. They don't seem to give a dam that readers believe what they say, and end up changing their body for the worse. Male celebrities don't tend to get 'attacked' as much in the media about weight, which is strange.
If a female celeb is spotted on a beach with a little bit of cellulite, regardless of her age! then that is straight into the next edition of their awful magazine. No wonder why some celebs turn to drink, drugs, become a recluse or go crazy! They can't do anything without being bullied by these gossip magazines! And again, these things make their way to the readers. Some female celebs have been accused of being 'fat' in the press, so they go the complete opposite way and become skinny - yep! then get crucified in the media for having bones showing. As many people copy what celebs do, there is a good chance readers will copy that celebrity and become jet thin themselves.
To anyone that dislikes their body and wants to change it for the BETTER, then stay far away from these pathetic, bullying magazines. If I was in school and started picking on girls for being skinny, or fat, or having stretch marks, I would get in a lot of trouble, but these companies get away with it, because its apparently 'good news'.

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