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The Girl Who Hated Running

By Heathernichole
I was inspired to run by my friend, Emily. I started reading her blog before I ever even met her. My mom introduced us at church and we clicked right away. She put together a group of girls from church and we trained to run a 5K. I’m pretty sure it was the first race for all of us except Emily. We’d meet once a week, run and then eat dinner together. Even though I always hated running before, I started to enjoy it then because of the girls I was surrounded by.
I ran my first 5K in July of 2012 at the San Diego Chargers stadium. It was hard but it was also exhilarating. My official time was some where around 45 minutes. I’ve said it before, I’ve never been a fast runner. Finishing has always been my main goal. 
The Girl Who Hated Running
Here I am on the morning of my first 5K. I was filled with nerves but the fact that I wasn’t doing it alone made it so much better. I loved my body then. I only did cardio and I had slimmed down a lot. If only I had known the benefits of weight lifting then.
The Girl Who Hated Running
Funny story is that my brother snapped this photo of me and my sister-in-law right before the race. They had just started dating and I had no idea how amazing she was and how great she would be for my brother. I’m so glad we share this memory.
The Girl Who Hated Running
And this is the wonderful group of ladies I ran with that day.
The Girl Who Hated Running
My next race was a 4-miler. And once again, I ran it with Emily. She was and still is a great motivator to me. When she tells me to run, I run! Especially when we’re nearing a finish line. This race started in La Jolla and ended in Pacific Beach. The scenery was gorgeous!
The Girl Who Hated Running
And then there was the big one. The half marathon. It was October of 2013 in Temecula, my hometown. I felt like I had no other choice but to register. 
My time was not the best but my main goal was to do it and to finish. I had to walk a lot. There were so many hills. My body was aching. My feet were hurting. But I did it. And I want to do it again.
I’ve taken a year off. And that was what I wanted. When I finished my race last year I made the decision to not run for a while. It’s been nice. I’ve enjoyed focusing more on lifting and learning new things about my body. But I’m ready to run again and I’m planning on registering for the Palm Springs half marathon on February 8th 2015. Last time my goal was to finish. This time around my goal will be to beat my previous time. I have no doubt in my mind that I can do that. I’m much stronger than I was a year ago and I owe that to all those heavy things I pick up and put back down four to five times a week. 
And here’s the big news. I am also considering registering for the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll FULL marathon on May 31st 2015. Yeah, I said it. I have HUGE doubts and I am scared out of my mind. The thought of constantly moving my legs through twenty-six point two miles makes me sick to my stomach. And that is exactly why I want to do it. What’s the saying? If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. That’s exactly how I feel about completing a full marathon. Since I started running in 2012, running a full marathon has been at the very bottom of my to-do list. Something I’ve wanted to do so I can say I have ran twenty-six point two miles without stopping. I’m in great shape. I’m young. I’m healthy. I have nothing standing in my way.
The pre-sale registration is currently closed but I did sign-up to receive an email when the 2015 registration opens up. I will keep you all updated.
I’m going to start by training for a half marathon again. Since I don’t currently run on a regular basis, I am going to use a training schedule for beginners. I’ll be using this plan.
The Girl Who Hated Running
I look forward to adding more bibs and medals to my collection!The Girl Who Hated Running 
I’ve also created a Facebook page for Lift Write Love! If you’re on Facebook, head over and Like for updates.
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