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The Freedom of Time

By Nadine
I left my day job at the end of March. However, some things are really just dawning on me.
People have asked what it's like to get up in the morning and not go to the office. And I've honestly answered that it's fantastic. I teach different times each day and usually start my day with a couple hours of computer work (website, emails, etc).
The freedom I've felt has been great. And I admit that some days I treat it like a vacation. Watch TV, laze around.
And the other day I realized just how much freedom I have. I have big portions of my day, nearly every day, that I can do whatever I please. I remember when I had to work Mon to Fri at the office, feeling that there just wasn't enough time to fit some things in or I'd have to choose because I had so little personal time. Now, I can fit in whatever I want.
And I am extremely grateful for this gift. And I will work hard to build my business so that I can keep this flexibility in my life. Even with my ideal teaching schedule (4 classes a day, 6 days a week), there is still plenty of freedom to explore my own life.

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