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The Challenges of Eczema

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema
Sorry I have been MIA for the last few weeks, but school and family come first. I think it is important for everyone that does not have eczema to know what living with it is like. 
First and foremost is the itching, which can sometimes be relentless. And it is not just itching, but burning. There have been many sleepless nights where no lotion or medicine could help.  This is far worse than your average rash.  Sometimes it seems like the only relief you could get would be to dig your fingernails or something sharp into your skin.  But of course we cannot because that makes things even worse and can lead to an infection. Trying to deal with this in a classroom is even worse.
Secondly, the numerous allergies and things to avoid.  I am one of the lucky ones in a sense.  I don't have a lot of allergies unlike others that have eczema.  But I do have to avoid cats because I am very allergic to them, and I love cats.  There are days in the summer where I cannot even be around my dog because of shedding.  Two seconds afer touching her, I can feel my skin reacting, and it us usually on my lips.  Many have it far worse, whether they are allergic to a certain kind of fabric, numerous kinds of foods or even perfume.  A lot of the time a flare up will happen and the cause will not be known.
The biggest damage done is to one's self esteem.  I have gotten better at accepting my eczema, but I still refuse to wear shorts or dresses shorter than knee length.  It is difficult to go out when covered in red, dry, inflamed patches because of the looks you get; like you have some terrible, contagious, flesh eating disease.  I often get asked why I do not wear shorts, and I just say I do not like them.  Maybe if I can ever get my legs to clear up, I will.  Sometimes I wish I could wear gloves to cover up my hands, too.  But I figure a heat stroke is worse during Georgia summers.  I also get eczema on my face and lips which is impossible to hide. If I have no place to be, I will actually say home for two or three days until it clears up.  The eczema flare ups are fairly new on my face, so that makes it even more tough. Eczema mostly occurs in babies, as well as young children and goes away when they get older.  I was diagnosed with it between the ages of 5 and 10 and still have it at 21.
These are some of the issues people with eczema have, and there are others. But these are the ones I have personally dealt with.

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