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The Cake Mamas Would Rather Wear Than Eat

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
Want-it Wednesdays:
When you’re pregnant, the words “mint,” “toffee,” “chocolate” and “torte” immediately give you tasty visions of sugar plums (and probably create a little craving, too.) On the other hand, the idea of bras and undies when you’re pregnant certainly doesn't conjure up any sweet thoughts, but rather ugly images of “boulder holders.”   And that’s where the expectant and nursing moms’ lingerie line Cake cut in.
Taking one of the biggest complaints of moms and moms-to-be, the company gave itself a name that was sure to ignite the want in every mama! And just in time for Valentine’s Day, Cake’s sweet line offers the much-needed style and polish for new and expecting moms that can make you look beautiful when you don't always feel that way (pregnancy certainly does a number on you.)  Here's a little sampler of the Cake line: 
(Hint to dads and hubbies: this is a great present for Valentine's Day gift for your baby's mama!) Mint Toffee Bra and Boy Shorts Toffee is a confection made by caramelizing sugar or molasses and adding butter and occasionally flour. The mixture is decadently sweet and so is Cake’s Mint Toffee. Gorgeous green color and sleek styling, it is ULTRA HIP looking and sophisticated. The Cake Mamas Would Rather Wear Than Eat Shortbread Bra and French Knickers Shortbreadis a classic Scottish dessert made with flour, sugar, and butter. For centuries shortbread was expensive and reserved as a luxury for special occasions such as Christmas. Shortbread from Cake pairs FUN COLORS of orchid and green on a smart tartan frame and then adds cream-colored lace! Sure to wow a young mama and make her feel like a goddess. The Cake Mamas Would Rather Wear Than Eat Cotton Candy T-Back Bra and Briefs Remember watching spellbound as the cotton candy maker at the fair spins a confection that looks like pillows of wool but melts in your mouth like a snowflake? Light pink, soft and pretty and considered one of “The Most Comfortable Maternity Bras,: thebra has a feminine, sporty design. Uniquely constructed with a silky soft knit and intelligently placed support panels, Cotton Candy will expand and change with the woman who wears it. The Cake Mamas Would Rather Wear Than Eat Cake lingerie and sleep wear (so comfortable and beautiful) is sold in more than 30 countries and 350 stores worldwide including Nordstrom’s in Dallas as well as online At least if you're breastfeeding or sitting there with swollen feet your bra looks good, right? 
DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the mentioned products for the sole purpose of this review. No other compensating was given and all opinions expressed are 100 percent my own. (Accordance with FTC's 16 CFR Part 255, "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.")

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