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The Best Places to Find + Post Garage Sales

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
To-Do Thursdays:

Last weekend the rain convinced me to face up to a task that had been looming for a long, long time. 

The Best Places to Find + Post Garage Sales

I finally had to clean out my kids' rooms. 

My youngest was getting ready for potting training so she was ready to move up to a big-girl bed and the oldest recently announced to me that it was time to move out the Thomas the Tank Engine and bring out the Legos. (There were tears when he told me.) 

But to be honest, there was a lot more to do than that. I needed to pull out those old toys, clothes, shoes and whatever else that we had finally outgrown and send them to storage. You see I hadn't gotten rid of anything from either of kids since they were born. (Shame, right?) 

So before people started to make a call to the show Hoarders, I moved out the old stuff and put them in storage with all the other stuff we were holding on to. Except this time, I couldn't close the door. And there wasn't enough Rubbermaid to organize all this craziness. I needed to make like a cheerleader and purge (just kidding.) 

And since all the junk was a big eye sore each time I walked by, I needed to rid my house of the crap quickly (especially before I began to think about keeping that "one" outfit that would without a doubt turn into 20.) 

Considering there was that much stuff, everything pointed to the idea that I needed to host a garage sale. But since I don't go to garage sales and the only one I ever had made like $20, I went on a mad search for how the age of technology had changed garage sales. 

Seven online sites you can find (and post) a garage sale in your area:

  3. (this one even has a cool app that maps your garage sales!)
  6. Online Private Facebook groups (you may have to research these, but they are controlled groups on Facebook that keep the "Craiglist experience" more local.)
  7. And don't forget to look at your local newspaper. (Many of them offer really cheap online ads for garage sale listings that can be both print and online!) 

Good to Know: 
I also needed to add that BEFORE having a garage sale, make sure you check your city's rules on hosting a garage sale. Some request a permit, some don't and there may be other rules for signage, ordinances, etc. For instance in Arlington, Texas, we have all kinds of rules on garage sales like where we can post a sign and that you can only host a sale no more than twice a year. 
AND of course, if you are looking for GIRLS & BOYS BABY/KIDS CLOTHES,FURNITURE AND TOYS for ages 0-4, then come on out to see me on Saturday! 

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