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The Best Diet - The Caveman Diet, Apparently...

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
I got sent a link by a friend of mine about Sky tv following 4 people on different diets to find out which one is best. The winner of this 'study' was the caveman diet. But I don't agree with this 'study', and here's why.
The best diet - The Caveman Diet, apparently...
It stated that over 21 days, a male lost more percentage of weight than the other 3 individuals on 3 different diets. Sounds good right? not really. 21 days is nothing, it is not enough time to determine if one 'diet' is better than another. Also, you cannot possibly eat like a caveman for the rest of your life, so what will happen to that man when he stops that diet? he'll put on weight again.
I always see so many articles about new and different diets, claiming to be 'the next best thing!', and they are all a load of garbage. The caveman diet (known as paleo) does work, and does have its benefits, but you can't possibly do it long term. I know that bodybuilders use the paleo diet from time to time, and some of them use it leading up to a competition, but they don't stay on it long term. To lose body fat and to keep it off, you need to do something that you can do for a long time, not a 'diet' that lasts for a few weeks and then you stop it.
To me, that 'study' was a waste of time and the results are meaningless. Why didn't they do a study of 4 people eating a healthy, balanced diet and training hard in the gym? I would guarantee they would have lost more body fat than those 4 diets, they would be healthier, feel better, and most importantly, can stay doing that for as long as they want.
Don't be conned by these studies that claim 'x' diet is the best and you must do it. The BEST way to lose body fat and to keep it off is to eat a healthy diet and to train hard. You will always have these fad diets come and go, and there is a reason why they always 'go' at some point - because they are not good!
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