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The Benefits of Using Natural Emu Oil for Increased Hair Growth

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural
Natural Emu Oil for Hair
Emu oil is has recently grown a reputation for being highly beneficial to the hair and scalp, especially to boost hair growth. The oil is indigenous to Australia and has been used topically for centuries. There are stories that the first settlers and aborigines used Emu oil to heal and protect certain wounds. But this wonder oil isn't just great for the skin, there are several benefits to using Emu oil directly on the hair and scalp including increased hair growth and a healthier scalp.

What is Emu Oil and Where Does it Come From?

Emu oil is a liquid fat that is produced by the flightless Australian Emu bird. This bird is a part of the ostrich family and the oil of the Emu is extracted from a section of fat on the bird. The emu oil is used for various hair and beauty treatments. I know it sounds gross, but there are quite a few benefits to using Emu oil as it is widely used in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia.

When the oil of the Emu is processed, it becomes a mix of fatty acids including saturated, mono-saturated, and polyunsaturated fats. That's a good thing for your hair of course because these fatty acids will help soften your hair and help it to retain moisture.

Some of the Properties of Emu Oil:

  • Emu oil is Anti-inflammatory 
  • Helps control irritated and inflamed scalp 
  • Non-comedogenic and does not clog the scalp
  • Absorbs well into the scalp and skin
  • Great emulsifier for the skin and hair
  • High in linoleic acid
  • Anti-aging properties when used on the skin

What are the Benefits of Using Emu Oil

According to some studies, emu oil is rich in linoleic acid which has the ability to promote healthier hair growth. The oil is said to promote skin cell regeneration as well and can also awaken dormant hair follicles. Many women use emu oil on their hair because it is known as a natural hair thickener and hair growth aid.
Although science doesn't have much evidence to back up these claims, an article was published in 1996 by the Drug and Cosmetic Industry Magazine where a patent was filed for Emu oil use of skin and hair by a Dr. Michael Holick, who claims that emu oil can stimulate hair growth and the regrowth of skin cells.
Another study to support emu oil benefits was published by the independent group MPB Research claimed that emu oil proved to be consistently remarkable for regrowing and retaining frontal hair. In fact, when tested against two major hair growth labels (Rogaine and Propecia), emu oil proved itself far superior than the mediocre FDA-approved brands that claim rapid hair growth.
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As a moisturizer, emu oil is almost unrivaled in how well it reduces dry and brittle hair. The oil replenishes and nourishes the scalp to fortify the hair follicles and encourage increased growth.
Another great thing about emu oil is that almost anyone can use it, even if you have sensitive skin. In fact, emu oil works well for skin and scalp problems such as eczema, itchy scalp, dermatitis, dandruff and flaky scalp, and psoriasis.

Because of its anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergenic properties, emu oil helps stop reactions and eases pain for various skin illnesses, diseases and allergic reactions. It's safe to use on so many skin and scalp conditions, helping to restore a healthy scalp for healthy hair growth.
For naturals with finer hair, emu oil is a wonderful alternative to heavier oils. It won't clog your scalp or weigh down your hair. The oil does a great job of moisturizing the hair and it also prevents breakage and hair loss by restoring the hair's elasticity.
How to Use Emu Oil for Hair

How to Use Emu Oil for Natural Hair Care

Adding emu oil to your natural hair routine is easy, you can use it like you would use any other oil for your hair. Emu oil benefits the hair in numerous ways, so the more you can incorporate it into your hair care routine the better. Here are three DIY emu oil hair care recipes that you can start using on your hair today:

Emu Oil Moisturizing Hair Treatment

1/3 cup emu oil 1/3 cup castor oil 1/3 cup sweet almond oil 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Apply to hair as a moisturizer, as a sealant for your ends,or as a scalp treatment. 

Emu Oil Stimulating Scalp Treatment

1 part emu oil 1 part grapeseed oil (or jojoba, almond oil, olive oil) 6-10 drops rosemary essential oil  5-8 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil
Blend or mix all ingredients together well. Apply the oil sparingly to your scalp and massage for 2-4 minutes. Allow the oil to penetrate your scalp overnight. Your hair and scalp should have absorbed the oil by morning.
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Hot Oil Treatment with Emu Oil

1 part emu oil 1 part olive oil 4-6 drops Tea Tree oil
Spray or mist your hair lightly then apply the emu oil mixture liberally to your hair and scalp and put on a plastic conditioning cap for 30 minutes. Continue with your regular shampoo and conditioning routine.

The Benefits of Using Natural Emu Oil for Increased Hair Growth
Have you used Emu Oil in your hair, or would you want to? Tell us how you've use Emu Oil in your hair or beauty routine in the comments.

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