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The Benefits Of Green Tea

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Although green tea has been around for a very long time, it seems as though 'it's power' has only been talked about in the last few years (in general). It is arguably one of the best drinks you can consume, and here's why.
The Benefits Of Green Tea
One healthy swap that I recommend to clients and others, is to ditch their coffee/tea for green tea. Green tea does actually contain caffeine, just less than what's in your espresso. Drinking cup after cup of coffee at work can actually become a habit rather than a need, and with the higher level of caffeine, it can become a little unhealthy after a while. Drinking green tea will still give you a dose of caffeine and it has been shown to help you focus and concentration, similarly to coffee - you just don't have to worry about getting the caffeine jitters!
I consistently see green tea being raved about within the fitness world, not just as a healthy drink, but a fat loss aid too. There have been studies showing that green tea raises the BMR (basil metabolic rate - metabolism), but there have also been a few studies that haven't seen any difference in BMR. I personally think that it just varies - it will raise BMR for some, and for others it won't. It's the same as supplements - some people will notice a benefit from creatine, and some won't notice anything. There are fitness guys and girls who use green tea as a pre-workout - it doesn't have the same kind of 'hit' that regular pre-workouts give you, but some people don't like that, or don't need it - that's where green tea is a good option.
Another benefit of green tea that I personally don't think is talked about that much, is it's ability to fight bacteria. Some studies have shown that drinking green tea whilst suffering from the common cold, can help to fight symptoms and even help to get rid of that cold. The molecules responsible are called 'catechins', and they have also been linked to the reduction in tooth decay and plaque formation.
Some people refer to green tea as a 'wonder drink', because of the above benefits and also that it can help your overall health. Green tea has been shown to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as some cancers. The antioxidants found in green tea have been shown to fight back against oxidative damage, which can lead to one of the above mentioned illnesses.
Green tea doesn't have a strong taste, so it's easy to consume, even if you're fussy with what you eat and drink. It's also relatively cheap, which is great considering the vast amount of coverage it has had over the last few years (usually products increase in price if they are considered 'great'). I highly recommend adding green tea to your daily routine. You can by it in regular tea form or in powder/capsules.
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