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Tea Tree Oil for Plantars Warts

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

One of my family members had a plantars wart on their toe. It was rather painful so I took them to the doctor and the doc said we needed to see a podiatrist. I tried to make an appointment but they were booking into the next month, so while we waited for the appointment to roll around I figured I’d try some home remedies. I did a little searching on the internet and found that duct tape was supposed to work. We tried it, but it was hard to keep on the foot. Anyway, I remembered that Tea Tree Oil is anti-viral so I decided to give it a go.

I had a huge bottle of Tea Tree Oil so it was an easy option. I simply applied the Tea Tree Oil twice a day, morning and night, to the wart. I tried not to get it on the healthy skin but that was nearly impossible. I am not sure if using Tea Tree Oil directly on the skin is advised, usually essential oils need to be diluted, but I did it anyway and I didn’t see any adverse results. ( I have read that it should never be taken orally and may not be a good idea to use on pre-pubescent boys as it can change hormone levels).

Anyway, after just about 2 weeks of daily use (or almost daily use) the wart just fell out of the skin. There is a small indentation in the toe that I am hoping will fill back in, but even so, the wart is gone and that is what is most important. In addition the treatment did not hurt at all. There was no burning or cutting involved and the skin did not become irritated or raw. Some people may be sensitive to the astringent properties of Tea Tree Oil, so you may wish to test it first. I know we will use Tea Tree Oil to treat any more plantars warts we encounter.

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