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Tattoos.. For Your Lips?

By Behind The Scenes Makeup @BTSMakeup

Tattoos.. For Your Lips?

EW, Why??

Untitled 1 copy Tattoos.. For Your Lips?

If you’ve ever wanted to look like you have a contagious disease festering on your lips, you’re in luck! Violent Lips is a new product which can do just that.

Instead of swiping on 1 single boring color, you can now tattoo your lips with various designs such as cheetah, roses and leopard print. The tattoos are temporary and last 4-8 hours, enough time to ignite some rumors that you are actively culturing a virus on your pucker.

Untitled 3 copy Tattoos.. For Your Lips?

Untitled 2 copy Tattoos.. For Your Lips?

Each package of decals comes with 3 applications and cost $14.95

What Do You Think? Would You Wear Lip Tattoos?

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