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By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Supplements and trainingBeing on Twitter is great, because I have linked with many other men and women who are into fitness. But it's also good because I can see what people do, with things such as supplements, training, what exercises etc etc. I have seen some awful examples of how NOT to use supplements, so I thought I would do a quick 'end of the week' post about supplements and training.
If you're someone who wants to add lean muscle mass, then supplements can definitely help you, but they are not the 'be all or end all'. You always want to start with a solid diet (whether you are training for fat loss, muscle gain or sporting performance) so don't ever rely on supplements. So, what are the most common supplements used? Well that has to be whey protein, casein protein, creatine, bcaa's, glutamine and all in ones. Some of you reading this may think there are other supps that are more common, but these are the ones I always see bouncing around Twitter, Facebook and forums.
Some people take 1 protein shake a day, whereas some people take 4 or more! It all depends on your goal, your budget, your day to day schedule and, well, how lazy you are. Things like shakes are extremely convenient, far quicker than cooking a high protein meal. So there are some people out there that stick to 4 or more shakes per day instead of eating real food, and whilst you're getting protein in, you should get as much as you can from food. Consuming a lot of powders and capsules is not that healthy for you. Yes, things like whey protein has many benefits, but your body doesn't like too much of it, it much prefers food. Say if your an average male wanting to gain muscle, you want to consume at least 3000 calories per day, preferably more. You want to make sure the bulk of that intake comes from real food, and then you can top it up with supplements. Again, it does depends on a few things. A lot of healthy food can become expensive, as supplements are cheaper, so if you're in that position, then do buy supplements, but try and get as much food as you can (look out for deals and promotions). If you are on the road a lot with work, then you can cook the night before so you have high protein, healthy meals on the go.
Just try and be smart about it, eat as much fresh, healthy foods as possible, and then use supplements to top up your diet.
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