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Sunkissed Summer

By Lolamillierose

Summer is almost here, thankgod, if i am to walk into a shop again any time soon and see any more christmas jumpers or long black coats or anything remotely associated with winter i may scream. Im sick of all the dark colours and thick fabrics, wooly scarfs and furry gloves. Its time to put all that depressing clothing away.
Im welcoming spring and summer with open arms and a smile on my face. I love being over eager when the summer months are concerned, it cant come quick enough. Its the time of colourful clothes, lace skirts, beaded jewelry, messy plaited beach hair and so much more, i mean whats not to love about that.
Its the summer for..............
Sunkissed SummerSunkissed SummerNatural hair colour is the way forward this summer. No more pink or blue dyed tips or that ombre fade. This summer is all about you, so its time to embrace your natural self again, so put the hair dye kit down and step away from the bleach. Its time to work with what you were born with. Think goddess with a hint of beach chic. So that bed head "ive just had a lot of sex" look is what you need to aim for. Add in the odd plait and you will of created utter perfection.
Sunkissed Summer

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Sunkissed SummerWhere you spend your summer is crucial, you need to make sure that you are sunning it on a sun-bed somewhere exotic. Ignore the "you should stay out of the sun, its bad for you" comments, just get the sun lotion on and let the sun kiss your skin. Skin that isnt meant to be pale shouldnt be, its as simple as that.
Pale skin= BAD
Bronzed sunkissed skin=GORGEOUS
Theres nothing better than having sand underneath your feet with the sounds of the ocean in the background and getting distracted by the half naked men that are serving you cocktails.
Sunkissed SummerSunkissed SummerSunkissed SummerSunkissed SummerIts the time of lowered inhabitions, playful days in the sun, flirting with boys and dancing the night away till early hours of the morning. So isnt it obvious that looking our best is high on the summer must do list. Theres no point in just being bothered about having gorgeous hair, you need to be able to tick all the boxes. So kissable lips and a beautifully made up face is something else you need to work on. You dont need to overload yourself and cake the make-up on as many girls do nowadays, its not like we are all planning a holiday to Essex. Taking the less is more approach is what will get you far. The best thing to remember is to only draw attention to one area on your face at a time. So if your in the mood to have a colourful lip then stay away from dark smokey eyes, try stay more minimal, and then the same if it were the other way around, if you want a dark smokey eye then best stick to a nude lip or sheer gloss. The eyes are the nipples of the face so never neglect them. Always wear mascara!!!
Some of my best memories were created in summer, going away on holidays. I love that feeling you get, the one that smothers your body as soon as you step off the plane, just knowing that youve arrived and your about to completely let free. Its such an exciting feeling. Everything seems to be better on holidays. Drinks taste better, sun shines brighter, guys are hotter, you laugh harder. Its like we live life in black and white and then all of a sudden you step off the plane and everythings in color. Beautiful.

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