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What Happens on Holiday Stays on Holiday....

By Lolamillierose
What happens on Holiday stays on Holiday....
Holidays are the place to let loose and go wild. Its the time to have that extra shot of sambuca, to dress like a slut and wear even skimpier clothes than normal, to kiss lots of boys on one night out and then take yet another home with you, its the time to party like you have never partied before. Then when your dying with a killer hangover its time to rub on some hawaiin tropic factor 2 oil and bake your body in the sun........ topless ofcourse.
Why is it that your crazier on holiday than in your normal day to day life? I swear it has something to do with the air, the smell of the ocean mixed with the burning heat from the sun. It makes people lower their inhabitions and let loose. I know its not a proven fact but from my own past experiences i believe that it has to be true.
The amount of holiday nights out me and my friends have racked up over the years will astound you,  and each individual one of them has a fantasticly awesome yet most definitely embarrassing story.
The Holiday of the Philandering Boyfriend
Philandering Boyfriend - My friends (not a best friend) boyfriend.
What happens on Holiday stays on Holiday....This holiday is my least favorite of all my holidays, i swear someone smashed a mirror and walked under a ladder right before the holiday begun. It was just aweful from the moment i left my house to the moment i arrived back to it at the end of the holiday. It was supposed to be an all couples holiday but my best friend and i broke up with our boyfriends just before the holiday began, so it was now going to have a mixture of couple of singles, which we thought wouldnt be a problem.......... well we thought wrong. I was getting my flirt on with Bart, my friends boyfriend during the first half of this holiday, nothing much, just your simple hand holding and the odd flirtatious comment whenever Cheska (his girlfriend) wasnt around. My best friend Leah told me "your so gonna get it on" as she watched us closely getting more and more flirtatious as the days passed. The thing was, i wanted to, i really wanted too but we were all on holiday together and that would of been way too risky. So after one particular night out i was lying on my bed in a room which i shared with Leah when Josie (one of the girls also on the holiday) came in my room and said i needed to come urgently and see something. Even though i was tired i was too curious to pass it up, so as i crawled out onto the balcony to my surprise i saw Leah messing about in the swimming pool below with a guy. The thing was i knew that she hadnt brought anyone home with her as we all shared a taxi, after a moment passed i realised that it was Bart. Shit! Wasnt she being the little daredevil, Cheska was less than 15 metres away asleep in her room completely oblivious to what her boyfriend was up to out in the pool. I thought that it was hilarious, she was doing everything that i wished id of had the nerve to do but she should of been a little more careful as Josie didnt find it as amusing as i did. After a while of hiding behind the plant pots and giggling to myself from what i was witnessing i went to bed, completely naive as to what faced us all the next morning. As i wandered downstairs leaving Leah fast asleep in our room Josie came bounding over to me saying that Cheska deserved to know the truth. Before i had a chance to warn my best friend what was about to happen everything kicked off, there was a screaming fit between Cheska and Bart shortly followed by Cheska smacking Bart then storming off. Oh God, this was not my idea of a nice relaxing holiday. All i wanted to do was spend the day with my best friend laughing about this whole mess that shed caused but i couldnt as the others banished her from the villa for the day so they could have some space. Not cool.
So all i can say to anyone reading this, never ever do a holiday mixed with couples and single people, especially when the single girls have just broken up with their boyfriends prior to the holiday and obviously dont have the best decision making skills at that moment. Leah should of at least done it in a closed off room and locked the door (hahaha) to save herself from getting caught. It would of saved a lot of aggravation for the rest of the holiday, as we all still had about another 7days to endure together followed by the plane ride home.
The Holiday of the 3-Way Blow Job
My two best friends and i decided that we needed a girls holiday away, so we planned a trip to Spain for the summer and decided to take our best two guy friends with us. How much more perfect could a holiday be. Your with your best girl friends, you can go out and hook up with random lads in bars and then if you want to take it a step further and get yourself a bit of sexytime but arent feeling the whole stranger danger vibe then theres the 2 guy best friends for villa hook ups if necessary. But we took the whole sharing is caring thing a step too far one night. After an extremely long day baking our bodies in the sun we all decided to have a nice night in relaxing by the pool sipping a few cocktails, also one of the lads had managed to become a burnt victim turning the color of his skin tomato red, and was now constantly shaking because his body obviously couldn't handle the feeling. So after consuming large amounts of alcohol all of us bar the burnt victim who had now gone to bed were splashing about in the pool naked having a laugh. One moment we were all innocently playing, the next we were all playing the game 'how low can you go' on his penis. Yes, one after the other we all had a little go at playing with his man meat.
I love my friends i do, and i share most things with them, make-up, jewelry and clothes, but apart from that minor blip that one night, i will never ever share a man with them. There are some things that you should keep all to yourself. All that shall be taken away from that night is the memory.

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