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I Am Not a Goody 2 Shoes

By Lolamillierose

Rules on skiving school once your already there

  • Dont get caught when trying to leave
  • Have a plausible excuse ready if you are spotted trying to escape the school grounds
  • Emotional excuses work best from past experiences, teachers dont seem to press an issue if it makes them feel uncomfortable
  • Try and have atleast one parent on your side that will be willing to back you up (very hard to achieve this, if you do, you have struck gold)
  • Dont be too overly confident thinking you will get away with it, most of the times it will come back to bite you in the ass
  • Make sure that whatever the reason your skiving for its worth it
  • Have a get-away vehicle
  • Always be prepared for the worst
  • Wherever your going, try have it be a teacher free zone
 Skiving school is always fun, your taking a risk, living on the bad side and breaking the rules and who doesnt love a rule breaker. Whats the point in always being a good girl, being the good girl will help get you the good grades and the good reputation and the basic love and respect of your teachers.......... but what a load of bollocks, id rather take a chance, create good memories and be a little bad ass so what if i only a achieve a C+ average. Life is not meant to be lived by being a little goody two shoes who does everything by the book. 
I am not a goody 2 shoes
Your in school, your young. So why not be a kid, make mistakes, thats the point, youve got the rest of your life to make good choices. Its not the end of the world if you decide to take the afternoon off and go chill in a park somewhere with your mates and have a laugh. Yes your parents may be annoyed but im guessing they did just the same thing when they were younger. Its your life, so live it.
I wouldnt be able to tell you how many times i skipped school as towards the end of my education i may of gone a little overboard. In our yearbook everyone was given a nickname which overall summed you up at school, i was given the name "SICK NOTE" as i tended to wander out of the school grounds during the school day.
I am not a goody 2 shoesOne day however it all went terribly wrong. Me and my best friend decided that we didnt want to go to P.E (physical education) after lunch so instead of having some lunch at school we decided to get a taxi into town and have some lunch in a cafe and have a little wander around the shops. So whilst on our little mini skiving adventure we got spotted by one of our teachers, also at that same moment because we had failed to attend afternoon registration the school receptionist made a phone call home to our parents. Luckily enough my mom was out of town so they couldnt reach her, my friends mom however recieved a phone call letting her know that her daughter was not on school grounds. Fortunately enough she said she had an appointment at the doctors and that she would be back in school shortly, so my friend got a small telling off from her mother and said we had to get back to school immediately. So we did as we were told. Obviously thinking that i was in the all clear too we arrived back at school only to be informed by one of my friends that our head of year teacher was furious with me and was searching the school for me as we speak. My heart sunk into my arse and i began to panick, he was THE one teacher you didnt want to get on the wrong side of. My brain kicked into overdrive quickly trying to think of a decent enough reason to explain why i had been absent for the last couple of hours. My mind was empty, i couldnt come up with anything decent that i would get away with. And it was slowly becoming more and more apparent that i was going to get the bollocking of a life time. I could not let this happen. Suddenly a thought came into my brain, but i tossed it aside immediately as it was crazy and there was no way i could pull that off or even want to dare try it................... But should i?? I made the snap decision to go for it, and told my friend to back me up. So we headed towards Matrons room fast before he found me, i needed to fill the nurse in on why we left school. It wasnt because i had gone out for lunch and done some window shopping, Nooooo, it was because i might be pregnant, Yes "pregnant". So i began to fill the nurse in that i had skipped school because i wanted to go buy a pregnancy test because i had had unprotected sex a couple of weeks earlier and now my period was late, and i didnt want to be alone when i did it so i took my best friend with me, so not only covering me but her with my genius story. Well all seemed to be going so well, i even started crying my eyes out as this whole story became to sound so real, it was like i was believing my own lie, either that or my drama teacher should be very proud. Once she managed to calm me down she took me off upstairs and said that i must take a pregnancy test and that she had one there that she could supply me with right now. Holy shit. I couldnt believe it, 2 hours earlier i was sat having lunch with my best friend in a cute little cafe, now i was upstairs alone in a school toilet cubicle hyperventilating while having to pee on a stick to find out whether i was fake pregnant or not. Luckily she let my friend come in and wait with us whilst the pee stick processed my results which the 2of us already knew was going to be No. So after seeing the result the nurse discussed safe sex with us before returning us back downstairs, as my foot hit the bottom step my head teacher came round the corner (impeccable timing), luckily my eyes we still bloodshot from the amount of tears id forcefully produced. However he still attempted to pull me to the side to start his major bollocking but luckily enough the nurse cut him off and told him that i had a valid reason for missing so much of my afternoon classes, as well as my best friend and that the subject not be brought up again. Result.
Yes i know, i am a genius. However if i would of been more prepared and less naive i wouldnt of had to go to such extremes to save myself from getting in trouble. I know it may of worked out and i saved myself a massive telling off but i was so embarrassed from it, i avoided the nurse for a very long time after that.

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