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Sunday Supplement - Caffeine

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Welcome to Sunday Supplement!
Sunday Supplement - Caffeine
Today I want to talk about a supplement that is extremely common, both in the fitness world and out. Most caffeine consumption will be in good old fashioned coffee - an extremely popular drink to have when you need a boost, or if you just like the taste. Caffeine can certainly help you with your fitness goals - both for muscle gain and fat loss.
Caffeine can help to boost your metabolism, which is when you body send fat stores into your blood stream to be used as energy. This is obviously a very convenient process, as it's always beneficial to get rid of excess fat! Anyone that regularly drinks coffee will tell you that it gives you a 'boost'. By having a 'boost' during your workout, you will feel more alert, more awake, like you have more energy, which will all lead to a better, harder, more focused workout. Those two benefits can really help you achieve your goals.
You can get caffeine from a few sources:
- Coffee (the obvious one, and black coffee is your best bet)
- Supplements
- Energy drinks (not your best bet)
- Tea
How much should you take?
If you have been a coffee drinker for quite a while, then you may well need a little more to feel the effects for a better workout, but if you aren't used to caffeine then a lower dose will be just fine. Trainers, nutritionists, athletes tend to recommend starting at 100mg and increasing it by 50mg per workout until you get to a level that you notice an effect, and once you do, stick to that level, don't keep increasing it. If you will be getting your caffeine intake from coffee, then you will need to check out your coffee's nutritional content to see how much caffeine is in the brand you buy, the same goes for energy drinks.
Don't consume too much caffeine though, as you could experience symptoms such as your heart racing and nausea. If you have any current medical conditions such as heart problems, then consult your doctor before trying caffeine. As long as you are sensible, caffeine is a great supplement to help boost your workouts.
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