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Sunday Snippets

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Week in News in Fifty Words
Danni Minogue officially quit X-Factor, whilst a range of others were tipped to fill her shoes. Azerbaijan won the Eurovision, with both Jedward and Blue doing very well. Tenerife became a place I no longer wish to visit, and Mississippi floodgates were officially opened for the first time since 1973.
Week in Blogs:

I don't need to remind everyone, especially those who use Blogger, but this week has been a bit of a pain with the inability to blog for 24 hours, followed by missing posts and the ongoing problem of missing comments, but, fortunately, I still managed to get a bit of reading in this week. Unlike last week, when I hadn't done much reading at all, I had so many blog that I wanted to talk about, this week, but I've just picked a few of my faves, so here's a sneak peak into what I've been loving and think you should check out too :D
Jade Boylan: Cards and Charms: Jade is probably one of the most talented young ladies that I have come across since getting into blogging. And, if her latest post doesn't show you how awesome Jade is, well, you will never be convinced! She's a talented artist, and she makes incredible little soft toys and charms and all sort. Please check her out :D
Lady from a Tramp: Guess who's Back: No, she's not blogging about Eminem, and she assures us that she's not a Zombie either. But, Katie is back in the blogging bubble, and her blog is looking pretty damn amazing! I am actually jealous! In fact, I think I may have to steal it when she's not looking ;) Go show her blog some lovin'.
Le Petit Jardin de Liloo: Pearl Eyeliners From BeautyUK - The Whole Collection Swatched: If there is still anyone out there, that hasn't discovered the lovely little Liloo, then you really have been missing a lot. Last Sunday she wrote a great Swatch blog about a brand, that I have literally just discovered in my nearest SuperDrug; BeautyUK. I've heard a great deal about the brand recently, but never tried them out, but Liloo's blog on the whole range of Pearl Eyeliners has really made me want them all! They are such pretty colours, I want them!
The London Lipgloss: DIY Outfit Post: I own three band t-shirts (Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and The Hush Sound), that I usually take when I go away somewhere, just to sleep in. Why? Because they look so hideous that I couldn't wear them, especially being a larger gal. But Zoe's suggestions for DIY-ing your band tee's is really cool. I'm just trying to pluck up the balls to take scissors to t-shirt and do some altering...hmmm LOL.
Ghostparties: Top Knot Tutorial: I actually tried doing a look similar to this Top Knot Tutorial quite some time ago, but couldn't quite figure it out, perhaps because my hair is too fine. Nevertheless, Kate's tutorial made it look so simple, so I may just give this a try. And, it looks really cool, because it gives the illusion that you have a lot of hair, and no one needs to know otherwise ;)
BritishBeautyBlogger: Screams: For a long time, it has become increasingly (and blatantly) obvious that there are still a large amount of companies that simply do not *get* blogging. They don't know how to handle us, they don't know how to benefit out of us, they don't know the potential power that a large number of bloggers can have to make or break a product. But this post, from the BritishBeautyBlogger just adds wood to the ever-growing fire of frustration, that even the most popular bloggers have to endure. 
Other Blog Announcements:
Georgia from Lippy and a LBD has just launched her own jewellery shop, and she currently has some lovely pieces available, so make sure you check her out.
B from Blush, Pout and Pose! is now on Twitter, so go follow her now!
Kat's Beauty Reviews Announcements:
Some of you might already know about this but, I'm going to be away *a lot* over the next few weeks, for a variety of different reasons, that all seem to have come along at the same time (as always seems to happen), so I'll be updating less. 
Fortunately, I have two Positive Beauty Pledges that are scheduled to go up on Tuesday 17th May and Tuesday 24th May, and I have a third one, that i'm in the process of putting together, that will be scheduled for Tuesday 31st May, so there will always be at least one post going up, and let's face it, the Beauty Pledge ones are the most interesting, anyway!
Support for the Beauty Pledge has been incredible, and I have a few people currently writing theres up. But, that doesn't mean that there isn't room for lots more. So, if you're interested, then you can either email me, because I will have my phone with me. Or, if you just want to get on with it, just copy the basic idea of one of the other pledges that have been done so far, and write your own answers, which you can email to me. Although, please remember to attach images, or provide links to images.

What have you been reading this week?

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