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Strength Training Week 4

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a splendid weekend full of happy running. My weekend rocked and I virtually supported runners going out there and chasing down their big dreams. It really lifts my spirits to see people bite the bullet and give it a try, especially after having a somewhat hard odd week myself.
Here is my training in a nutshell.
Strength Training Week 4
Yep, I was all over the place. And as a running coach looking at just this week, I would be sitting my client down and having a serious talking to clarify what they thought they were doing. Were they just making things up as they ran along? Why were they totally neglecting the plan?
And here is my response. Well, yes. I was kind of making it up while I went along. No, I wasn't neglecting the just didn't fit. See that 10K there? Well, that race was cancelled so I didn't need to taper a few days prior. I stuck to the plan and didn't run a tempo run this week! But I thought it was the prime opportunity to get in a good long run especially since my running early in the week wouldn't negatively impact total miles. Yes, I ended up running 42.51 miles. Yes I did up the miles the couple of days before my long run. Yes that seems crazy in comparison to what the plan stated with 26-33 miles total miles but here's why I thought it was okay....even with running a bit more before the long run.
Strength Training Week 4
See, I was being good, wasn't I? I am aligned with my weekly mileage for the past 8 weeks.
And as a coach I would say, yes. You did good. But I would also question that pace of 8'54" on your long run. What happened there?
Strength Training Week 4My response, I started out fast. I know I did. I eased up. I kept telling myself pace didn't matter. Time didn't matter. Run easy. And it did feel okay. I felt I was at my easy pace even feared I was slow. I wasn't checking in on my time constantly as I didn't want that mental game. Pace too slow. I feel bad. Pace too fast. I feel scared and stressed. In all reality, the run felt good almost start to finish. But it was hot and with essentially no breeze. I had a couple of wisps here and there but not enough. There was even a time when all I could do was think of water and couldn't get to the water fountain fast enough. I even thought about begging for some. I did try to ease my pace since I knew I was very hot and in need of water. This was the not so good time. The water fountain was an oasis. I gulped some down immediately, filled my bottle up again, and took off running squeezing water on my head and neck and making sure I didn't drink too much too fast. But I felt better just knowing I had water again but chastised myself for not carrying an extra Vega Sport Hydrator to add to my refilled bottle. I think electrolytes would have been nice. The final stretch of the run did have some shade but also a nice uphill climb. This part always feels tough but I know it is good training and doesn't everyone finish a long run with a nice uphill climb?
Along the run I consumed 2 Vega Sport Endurance gels and the initial Hydrator. I just used one packet in my 12 oz of water. I didn't feel the need for extra fuel and felt I moved from one gel to the next without feeling completely worn and in need of more. All in all, it was a great run! And perhaps it is time to schedule a time trial to look at my training paces again. What do you think?
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my family.
Daily Affirmation: I am growing as a runner.

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