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Strength of a Woman- The Secret Code Hidden in Mary J. Blige’s Name

By Pamelabrowncoaching @coach_pam_brown

Hello My Queen,

I am so passionate about helping black women discover their power, voice, and purpose so they can manifest success on their terms.  I believe in empowering the Queen that’s in every woman.

And speaking of Queens, I decided to focus on a reigning Queen today- Mary J. Blige.  Love her!!!!

Mary has been in the news here lately, so I decided to have some fun decipher her life code using my favorite ancient method-numerology.  Today, I’m only focusing on how aligned she is with the expression part of her purpose.

Is Mary’s Mode of Expression in Alignment with Her Purpose?

As Mary J. Blige (not Mary Jane Blige), her expression number is 3 (the number of passionate communication, joy, and sensitivity.  Mary is an excellent singer and budding actress.  She puts her life into her songs so that you can understand her, and at the same time, receive healing and transformation as well.

You see, her calling is to inspire, heal, transform, motivate, and encourage others through communication.  She’s all about performance and requires a platform of some type to express herself.  Amazing right?  And because she’s on purpose, she is very prosperous.

The shadow qualities of the 3 expression number include self-doubt, fear of expression, and perfectionism.  In fact, she wrote a song about doubt!  Again, writing about her struggles as she heals so she can use her words to help transform you.  Here’s a quote from her that may be centered around how to overcome the fear of expression:

The most important thing to realize that no matter what people’s opinions may be, they’re only just that-people’s opinions.  You have to believe in your heart what you know to be true about yourself.  And let that be that.

Mary Also Has a Deep Need to Satisfy…

Mary’s Soul Essence number, which reflects who she really is deep inside, is a 4.  She has a deep need to create something of value that people can find beneficial in day-to-day life.  Has she fulfilled this need?  Most definitely!

She has founded the Mary J. Blige Center for Women and Girls.  This organization offers different programs to benefit women and girls in areas of early childhood development, parenting, after-school support and academic job readiness.  They can gain skills, knowledge, and resources that empower them to purpose goals and become self-sufficient confident women.

She also co-founded the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now.  Their mission is to empower women from all walks of life to reach their full individual potential.  I love that she’s about women and girl’s empowerment.

She is also an accomplished entrepreneur.  She has a line of sunglasses, 2 lines of perfume (maybe more that I’m not aware of), and co-owns Carol’s Daughter.  Last but not least, she has started her own record label, Matriarch Entertainment Label, and is already making significant strides in leaving her legacy in entertainment.

I’ll say Mary is creating a ton of value!!!

Even though Mary has her struggles (which are explained in her chart as well), she continues to heal and move forward.  She is the definition of a Queen…

What about your purpose?

Are you experiencing success to success in your life?

Or are you living a life filled with:

  • chaos
  • inner turmoil
  • struggle, lack, and limitation
  • striving but never arriving
  • low confidence
  • unhealthy habits
  • low energy
  • feeling like a fraud?

Then I want to support you in connecting to your purpose so you can manifest prosperity…as you live your life on your terms!

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To Your Regal Magnificence,

Strength of a Woman- The Secret Code Hidden in Mary J. Blige’s Name

Pamela Brown

The Queen of Bounce Back

Women’s Empowerment Coach and Fierce Warrioress

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