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Steroids - Don't Even Bother....

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
This morning I have seen a huge debate over Twitter regarding steroids, and it has stemmed from Jodie Marsh's tv show last night, where she went to find out the truth about steroids.
I thought she may have been one sided from the start, but I was wrong. She spoke to a variety of people, to gain more of an insight into the world of steroids. The first half of the show she seemed to have warmed towards steroids, but that didn't last long - she soon disliked them. Seeing some of the side effects that steroids can have, really begs the question of 'why on earth would you take them?'. For example, a female bodybuilder on the show had her eyes pretty much explode with blood during some squats, and a male bodybuilder/model had his heart pretty much explode. Granted, it is not a sure thing that everyone will get those side effects, as they are extreme, but would you want to take the risk? I certainly wouldn't.
Using steroids is cheating, hence why its a banned substance. Also, in my opinion, its lazy, and ill explain why. Some people use steroids because they want to get huge and win the top bodybuilding competitions (where steroids are used - top bodybuilders have admitted to using them, so if one guys takes them, others follow) but some people use them because they simply cannot be bothered to put the hard work that is required in the gym and the kitchen. You still need to work out if you do use steroids, but it is a lazier approach, even people who have used them have said that. It does take a lot of hard graft to get in great shape naturally, and (like a lot of people in life) they just want a 'quick fix', rather than work their ass off.
Should you use steroids? My honest opinion is no. The whole point of working out is to be fit and healthy, and having side effects that are as horrific as those of steroids, that is not being fit and healthy. The main issue is (and Miss Marsh said this herself) as long as one person is using steroids, the cycle will never stop. If you simply want to be muscular, you can achieve that by having a muscle building diet and hitting the gym hard. Steroids do work, that's why people take them, but its just not worth it...
If you are still considering using steroids, please just do some research first.

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