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Stay Busy to Burn Fat!

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Stay busy to burn fat!Hello! Have had a little break from my blog this week as I was without internet and landline thanks to BT.... Today, I want to talk about how being busy can help your weight!
What is one of the most common reasons people gain weight? boredom! I can completely understand this as I have been there myself! Sometimes I have been bored, wandered into the kitchen, had a little look in the fridge and cupboards and have ended up eating an unhealthy snack...
There is a tactic that people use to help stop eating bad foods around the house - not buy any bad foods in the first place so they aren't in the house - if they aren't around, you can't eat them. This can work, but if people are bored, they can find a way of eating 'comfort foods'. So, you want to keep yourself busy!
How to do that?? well....find things that you like doing, and do them. For me, I love watching movies, TV shows, listening to music, play a bit of playstation (I will always be a kid at heart!) and working! Also I stay busy with monitoring, updating and designing my social networking accounts and my website.
Have you ever been at work and have been completely bored? that is a common problem, and that can lead to either bringing crisps, chocolate bars etc to work, or popping out and stocking up on fatty snacks to eat during the day. Your job can be an issue, because if it is boring, its easy to snack on bad food, but unless you are able to switch to a new job/career, then it can be an ongoing problem, and that is when you will have to 'up' your will power and self control.
Being at home, you have a lot more control. So as mentioned above, you want to find things that you enjoy, so you're not bored. Nobody wants to be at home (either on a weekend or a day off of work) and sit around being bored, so find some things to do. Getting out of the house is probably the best thing - go and see your friends, go for a round of golf, go to the cinema, go shopping, something that you like doing and stops you being bored.
I don't want to rant on too much about the same thing, but boredom is a contributor to over eating, so if you can stop being bored, you could see your weight drop. You do find that on days where you have plenty of things to do, time does fly! I have been creating a brand new website lately, and there have been days where I have needed to get a lot done, and on a few occasions, I have forgotten lunch because of being so busy!! (those who don't know me personally, I love my food! so forgetting lunch is extremely rare!) But it's good! being busy is very good for the mind and body. That's a top tip from me! stay busy and you can stay lean!
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