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Starving Your Body and Weight Loss

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254

I personally read so many posts on Facebook and Twitter, from people who want to get in shape for the summer/for their holiday, and they starve themselves, thinking that is how to lose weight. People tend to think if they starve their body and go to the gym, they will have a body like Mila Kunis. This is wrong. I will guarantee that Miss Kunis does NOT starve her body get in shape for her latest movie. It sounds crazy by saying ‘eat more and lose weight’, but its true. You have to fuel your body with the right calories in order to lose weight. If you will be going to the gym 3-4 times a week, then you will need to fuel your body for those workouts, and your day to day activities. If your someone that needs to lose a lot of weight (i.e. 10st) then you won’t need to fuel yourself for the workouts as much, as your body will have a lot of fat (stored energy) to burn off.
I have read different figures, but to cover all bases, I will say this. Anywhere below 600kcal per day is considered as starving your body. I have seen ‘diet companies’ actually provide people that need to lose only a few stone, with 450kcal per day diets, which is just criminal and those people should not be allowed to practice nutrition! If you do that, your body is going to cling onto the fat you already have stored, because it goes into ‘crisis mode’. Once you stop starving yourself and eat food on a regular basis, your body will grab those calories and fat, and hang on to them for dear life. This is because a body is NOT designed to be starved, your body needs food, so if you starve it, it will panic. So what is the point in starving yourself? Enjoy healthy food and workout!
To lose weight, you NEED to eat food, healthy food and in correct portions. If you really want a ‘hot bod’, then you need to get yourself a gym membership, workout regularly, eat a healthy, balanced diet, full of protein, veg, fruit, carbs and healthy fats. If you do this? You WILL lose weight and get in shape. It takes dedication and motivation, but it’s worth it! As long as you are burning more calories than you consume, you WILL lose weight. 

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