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Started a New Protocol and I’m Scared

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

We decided to try a new protocol with Matthew. This is the one I mentioned in my article on the AutismOne Conference which recovered 38 children in 21 months. Really, how can you not try a protocol with that claim to fame?

But with every new protocol comes the fear that it won’t work for your child. You tell yourself you aren’t getting your hopes up, but secretly, you are. Of course you are! Why else would you do this? No one puts themselves or their child through this to not win. We are only on day 4 of the protocol, we haven’t even reached the full dose yet, and I’m so anxious I’m freaking myself out.

While at the AutismOne conference I attended the lecture given by Kerri Rivera, in it she shows slides of

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