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Sriracha Candies

By Ritu @ritzchocs
Candy making has always been close to my heart.Though its not a rocket science but I felt some sense of achievement when I first made Pate de Fruits and hard candies.
Sriracha Candies
I first came across Sriracha lolipops here and was quited inspired to try it out because one,I like sweet and chilli combination and two,this flavor was in a candy!
Sriracha Candies
These hard candies are sweet with a slight hint of chilli and garlic.
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1/4 cup water
1.5 T Sriracha sauce
Color a drop of orange gel but I used red !
Candy thermometer
Combine sugar,corn syrup and water in a sucepan.Stir while bringing to a boil.
Cover the sauce pan and boil for 3-4 mins >remove the cover and insert a candy thermometer and cook without stirring until the temparature reaches 115C.Add hald the sauce .Be careful as it will sputter and do not stir.
Continue to cook till it reaches 154C.Remove from heat and shock the saucepan in cold water for 20 seconds to prevent carry over cooking.
Allow the cooked sugar to sit undisturbed for 5 mins to cool and for bubbles subside.
Gently mix the remainig sauce and gel color.
Free form 
Pour the cooled candy onto piece of oiled aluminum foil or silicon sheet. Pour disks of the desired size and push a loliipop stick before it hardens.
Molded form
Pour the candy in moulds and allow it to cool before storing in air tight containers.

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